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Making the best out of your Kitchen space, uplifts the soul of a house. While you may have to make tough choices about your kitchen remodel options, there are many small kitchen set up ideas that you can consider to maximize the usable space in your existing space.

Need a little inspiration for making your kitchen more functional and homey? 

Execute your plans like a pro with Kitchen design ideas for small space, and just cut short the clutter. While some are simple illusions that make your small kitchen design seem bigger, others actually give you more room to work with. Also try out our kitchen color ideas for small kitchens.

Kitchen design ideas for small space to make your home look Aesthetic 

If you have a small kitchen, it can be difficult to give it the same aesthetic that larger kitchens possess. However, there are small kitchen design for small spaces that you can take to make your small space look like an extension of your main kitchen.

Replace kitchen cabinets with drawers 

Modern Kitchen Wall Paint ideas

If you don’t want to go all out and do a complete renovation, replacing the kitchen cabinets with pull out drawers may be an easy and inexpensive solution that can add a modern edge to your kitchen. Make your home look more modern, and increase storage space inside your very small kitchen design.

Infuse life through plants. 

Kitchen Counter Wall Paint images

Lush greenery, tiny little pots and buckets are a creative way to bring life into your tiny kitchen ideas. Add some freshness in your small kitchen decorating ideas with beautiful and lively houseplants. They are easy to care for, low maintenance, unique and impressive.

Go creative with storage options. 

Wooden Kitchen Counter Paint ideas

No matter what size kitchen you have, there’s always room for storage. Maximize storage in your tiny kitchen with pots and pan racks, cutlery hooks, and magnetic knife strips. Or simply add a drawer at the end of the modular shelf and tuck baskets beneath it to keep your pots off the countertop so you can see everything easily. 

Let in an ample amount of light. 

When renovating a closed kitchen area, one of the best ideas for small kitchens is to allow some light in by incorporating a window that opens up to the outdoors. If renovating, opt for an open plan small kitchen interior design that allows you to move around freely, access all areas of the room, and maximize its usefulness.

Create a smart kitchen. 

Appliances save you time and simplify everyday tasks, but they can also be energy-hogs, so it’s good to know how they compare before you buy one. With small kitchen design ideas in mind, pick appliances that can do double duty. This means having an oven-cum-microwave, or any other appliance that allows you to cook and use at the same time, saves counter space and makes your life easier while cooking.

Opt for an open design or layout 

Kitchen Dark Interior Décor Idea

An open small kitchen design is a fun feature that can help you incorporate the kitchen into the rest of your home, rather than just occupying its own space. Using an L-shaped kitchen layout offers more space for countertops and workstations than a traditional layout — we recommend this small kitchen design style for households with smaller kitchens.

Go all out with a white small kitchen design. 

For  small kitchen ideas, white is extremely welcoming. White is a neutral toned color that goes with just about any design inspiration! However, to get the best result and utilize every bit of your small kitchen space, we recommend using Easy Clean Fresh Luxury Interior Emulsion (White) from Berger Paints for your small kitchen design. Opt for matte, glossy and woody textures along with shades like off-white, ivory, cream and even grey!

Create a lot of open shelving. 

Kitchen Wall Colorful Decoration images

Open shelving is a great small kitchen design storage option that can open up your walls, draw the eye, and make the room feel larger. A white and glossy open shelf as a kitchen landscaping idea is visually inviting and helps to control clutter to create an airy and spacious feel.

Install a Pegboard Wall  

The Pegboard Wall is the perfect way to organize your small kitchen design. Hang it in your pantry or near your stovetop so you can quickly find your cooking utensils, spices and more. 

Organize smartly and place within easy reach. Once attached to the wall, you can add hooks for keys or other hanging items if desired.

Take Advantage of Modular Shelving 

Use your wall space to add some style and functionality to your kitchen, with a floating shelf system. These provide everything you need for everyday cooking, while making sure that your pretty pieces have their own spaces in the kitchen.

Create Consistency in your design 

A great way to create consistency is by using the same color, wallpaper or wood paneling from the wall that will create a perfect harmony in your space. Aesthetically pleasing and consistent interior small kitchen design is important. Stick with lighter colors and shades like Bison Emulsion ALPACA – 2P0044, BABY’S BREATH – 1P0010, BLEACHED BY THE SUN – 3P0077 and others so you don’t overwhelm the space.

Painting Ideas for Kitchen  –  Colour Combinations that make your kitchen stand out  

The small kitchen design is an often overlooked space, but it can be a showstopper when designed properly. Before you pick small kitchen design wall colors, cabinet finishes, surfaces and fittings, think about the mood you want to create and how you can distribute color to create a cohesive look. 

Try out these brilliant small kitchen design color ideas to get inspiration for your kitchen and re-energize your cooking space. 

1. Bright Blues and Bright White

Regardless of whether your kitchen has a small or large footprint, painting your kitchen with warm colors from Express Painting offered by Berger and striking accents will bring life to any space. With deep hues like Berger Silk Breathe Easy CANOE LAKE – 5A1080, ENERGIZED BLUE – 5A0420 and OPEN SKY – 5T1101 backstopped by white, small kitchen ideas with brighter whites are ideal for creating an airy feeling and stylistic appeal.

2. Green and Warm White

Take your small kitchen ideas with color scheme up a notch by incorporating warm grays and earthy browns, then add the organic accent of olive green. Starting with neutral tones, find a base of warm white and finish with steel or bronze accents that are both contemporary and rustic.

3. White, Blue and Yellow

With a bright color combination like whites and blues, small kitchen ideas can open up various design possibilities and make the small kitchen appear larger. 

Consider small kitchen ideas like painting the pantry door or one cabinet in the bright yellow color for a standout accent. Using Imperia & Imperia Grande Clear in the wooden doors and cabinets gives out the best wood coating finishes.

4. White, Off-White, and Natural Wood Finishes

A small kitchen can feel like a tight space, but it doesn’t have to be dark and dreary. With small kitchen ideas like opting for cool white paint colors, lighten up the space without taking away from the natural beauty of your kitchen’s materials. Feel free to mix and match the amazing neutral colors for wood finishes in your small kitchen design.

5. Scarlet Red and Gray

Red tones project warmth and excitement, while they can mix well with other colors to reduce the feeling of small spaces – like beige, taupe and gray. These same principles apply in big kitchens as well. Play around with contrasting green or purple tones on walls and floors to make a small kitchen design feel more spacious.

6. Slate Blue, Copper, and Steely Gray

Small kitchen ideas with color schemes that are balanced and modern with a mix of metallic hues like Slate Blue or copper can give you a great small kitchen design. Create warmth in your decorating scheme with colors like Silk Glamour BEACHVILLE – 7T1612, SILENT PRAYER – 5P2245 and STEEL ARMOUR – 8T3010.

7. Turquoise and Golden Yellow

A bright small kitchen design filled with pops of color and warm wood tones is a simple way to make it feel bigger. A funky mix of wood and tile with pops of turquoise and yellow, bright white cabinetry, and open shelving make small kitchen ideas a delight. Paint the way you vibe – radiant, vibrant and happy!

8. Yellow, White, and Black

Yellow walls with coats like Easy Clean BRIGHT DAFFODIL – 4A0393, LUCKY DIP – 3D2854, and BRILLIANT LIGHT – 3A0385 handily highlight white cabinets; conversely, white walls make yellow cabinets advance. Yellow is a versatile choice for small kitchen ideas as it helps them look bright and cheerful, but also offers plenty of other options that can suit your needs.

9. Shades of Gray

Monochromatic small kitchen ideas make the most of a small space by using contrasting color schemes that add visual interest and reflect light. By using a shade of gray to highlight touches of color, you’ll ensure that the space can be visually divided without hindering the unity of finishes and materials throughout. Different shades of gray is a subtle contrast that adds interest to your small kitchen design.

10. Mint Green, Aqua, and White

Pair vibrant pastels and saturated aqua shades with white surfaces and marble countertops. Black accents add a modern vibe. Bring an edgy look to your kitchen by pairing pastels with aqua tones, black accents, and sleek surfaces like marble countertops.

Painting Ideas for kitchen Doors and other wooden surfaces 

Kitchen paint is the most important consideration when decorating a kitchen. The look you get on your kitchen reveals the success of your remodeling. Bergers premium line of Interior Decor Paints offers superior performance and exceptional finishes to ensure your kitchen is designed to last! 

Whether you’re painting wooden doors, cabinets or other wooden surfaces, Imperia & Imperia Grande Clear paint finishes will increase the longevity of your woodwork and protect it from insects and other damages. 

Your kitchen will look newer for longer with a range of Berger Paints Wood Coatings which increases the longevity of the doors and other wooden surfaces. They prevent wood from rotting and at the same time, giving your kitchen a beautiful hygienic look.

Bottom line

Small kitchens need more love too. If you are one of the many with limited space to work with in the kitchen, this is for you! Don’t be afraid to bring personality into your kitchen. Remember, when it comes to decorating a small kitchen design —you can take the same approach as in a larger one. 

Make choices that please you and complement the style of your small kitchen. But it’s important to understand that every choice you make will be magnified by its small size. So if you were to choose a paint color, bold tile or maximalist wallpaper for the walls, each would stand out more in a compact room. This explains why it’s best to keep limited choices of decorative layers and apply them only to specific parts of your kitchen.


Where do you put a refrigerator in a small kitchen? 

Ideally, in the corner of your kitchen, to declutter your appliance out of the way and open up your kitchen.

What kind of kitchen design is recommended for small spaces? 

Galley kitchens are an efficient way to maximise your small kitchen design, whether you’re living in a studio apartment or have a large terrace. Their linear format creates ample room for entertaining and dining and with open plan living becoming increasingly popular, a galley kitchen is a compact solution that is both practical and stylish.

How do you make a small kitchen practical? 

The key to making a small kitchen design practical is to prioritize what you need, then figure out how to use the space. A standing island or a wall-mounted spice rack, for example, can make good small kitchen ideas where cooking becomes much easier. Additionally, group together similar items so they won’t take up too much room on your countertop.

What is the best color for a small kitchen? 

It’s important to be bold but neutral when decorating a small kitchen. The light and bright color preference does apply and it could make your kitchen visually bigger. However, white color complements well with black marble backsplash, steel appliances and mirror flooring.

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