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What do you notice first when you go into a room? The colour, indeed! Colours are so much more than just decorative elements. The appropriate colour may alter a home’s design style, make a small space appear larger, and let you customize your interiors to reflect your personality. 


Considering that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, selecting the ideal modular kitchen colour combinations can create a joyful, drawn atmosphere that will make your time there productive.

One of the most important rooms in the house is the kitchen. So don’t compromise with your kitchen colour combination ideas. It gives you and your family the nutrition you need and serves as a gathering spot where everyone can gather to eat, talk about their days, and strengthen family bonds.

Significance of Kitchen Colour Combination – According to Vastu

According to Vastu, colours balance your home and bring in the desired energy. Vastu Shastra believes that the Vastu colours for kitchen are the colours of the walls, slab, cabinet, countertop, and tiles—profoundly affect the people who live there.

Vastu-approved kitchen colours are red and orange. The southeast is the direction of fire, according to Vastu Shastra. It is the ideal direction for a kitchen as a result. 

Red is a colour associated with fire, fortune, and joy. So, while red should be present in the kitchen, it should be handled sparingly. Orange and red are strongly associated with happiness, food, and celebration. The colour orange is lucky since it is lively and energetic. It radiates warmth and joy and draws success.

The Vastu shastra also discourages having all-white kitchen colours because it could make your kitchen appear dull and lifeless, which isn’t necessarily beneficial for the family’s health.

Latest Kitchen Colours Combination Ideas in 2022

The current trends must be your first consideration when selecting colour schemes for your kitchen. So what will be the best colour for kitchen in 2022? Very Peri was named the winning colour for this year.  In addition, vibrant, contrasting and bright kitchen wall colours scheme like yellow and blue are returning this year.

In this blog, we go through some of the top kitchen colour combinations for modular kitchens and what each of these kitchen wall colours means. To learn more, keep reading.

Red, Green and Grey

The kitchen should make you feel like a true chef, not just because of your cooking abilities. The mood should be creative. Choosing a vivid red colour and grey cabinets is one of the best kitchen colour ideas. To reduce brightness, paint for kitchen walls a pale green colour. It signifies both standing tall in life and maintaining humility.

White and Blue

Are you confused about the best colours for a modular kitchen? A combination of blue and white is a great kitchen colour design. This would energise and uplift you in a similar way to the ocean. Put on your artistic hat and paint your cabinets in shades of white and blue. White evokes feelings of simplicity and conveys a sense of purity.

Red, Green and Pink

Wooden Kitchen Counter Paint ideas

Here’s a suggestion to make your modular kitchen look stunning. Put pink, grey, and green together to make your kitchen look fashionable. Objects having a golden or silver tone, such as lampshades and drawer latches, can also be added. Everyone wants to banish boredom, and using the right kitchen room colour can help you do that.

Brown and White

kitchen design Image

Charm and desire come with brown and white. It is one of the simple kitchen colour combinations. Add a hint of black, brown, or grey to add a bit of sophistication. These colours must be blended carefully to avoid making your kitchen a shabby appearance. 

Black and Wood

The latest kitchen colour combination is black and wood. It gives your modular kitchen an unconventional appearance. Wood will enhance the fire energy in your area, and black is a colour that symbolises strength and power.

White and Grey 

Kitchen Wall Colorful Decoration images

White is the colour that embodies innocence and purity. It is undoubtedly a timeless favourite because of the way its colour makes any room appear bigger than it is. Choose an all-white kitchen with a little shades of grey, if you want trendy modern kitchen wall colours.

Green and Grey 

Here’s a suggestion to make your modular kitchen look stunning with modern kitchen colours. Put grey and green together to give your kitchen a fashionable look. Objects having a golden or silver tone, such as lampshades and drawer latches, can also be added. Everyone wants to overcome boredom, and using the right colours can assist you do that.

Yellow and White

Interior Modern Kitchen Images

Among the kitchen colours, the colour olive, a blend of white and yellow, represents harmony and peace. It is believed to infuse an area with positivity and is regarded as a stylish shade. You may create a stylish and simple place by pairing it with a powder white and adding some weirdness with the modern kitchen wall colours.

Blue, Gold and Copper

Do you desire a vintage, retro look as kitchen paints? Consider using blue, gold and copper together to get the best colour for kitchen. Paint your cabinets blue, and paint your walls a writing-board-like shade of gold or copper. This could serve as a solace amid the everyday chaos and take you back in time.

White and Purple 

Who wouldn’t want to return to the good old days with a great kitchen colour design? The good news is that a retro-style kitchen might help you recall those memories. Your kitchen walls should be painted white with cabinets that are purple in colour.

Lavender and Green

Some of us enjoy spending time outdoors. How about a modular kitchen with a beautiful combination of lavender and green if you’re one of those nature lovers? Let woodworkers create the cabinets, and choose a natural green colour to paint your utensil blocks. Your modular kitchen will look natural and vibrant as a result.

Kitchen Colour Ideas for Small Kitchens 

Let’s confront it, most Indian urban homes have small kitchens. However, it does not follow that your kitchen must likewise appear compact. Colours can give the impression that a space is much larger than it actually is. Lighter colours like whites or neutrals provide the greatest colour combinations for kitchens that seem bigger.  Even the small kitchens can appear large when combined with cabinets that have shiny, glossy finishes!

Offset Cool Colours With Warm Metallics :

A colour that resembles polished metal is said to be metallic. Get ideas for enhancing the warm metallics of copper, bronze, and gold in your kitchen — a style that will never go out of fashion. Blue, skyblue, green are some of the cool kitchen colours, those colours can easily be replaced with the metal finish kitchen colours like copper, bronze or gold.

Choose Sunny yellow colour : 

Sunny yellow is a fantastic colour choice for the kitchen since it is associated with joy, vivacity, and enthusiasm. Brighter tones of yellow should only be used sparingly and on items that you truly want to stand out because they reflect more visible light than other colours.

Colour drench walls and cabinets :

Any cabinets in your kitchen and walls can be painted in one of those modern cabinet paint colours mentioned above. Those colour trends are classic choices that will enhance the beauty of any space. Regarding whether painted kitchen cabinets should be lighter or darker than the walls, there are no hard and fast rules; instead, it mostly depends on personal taste and the aesthetic you’re going for.


Every day, the entire family has the chance to create new memories in the kitchen. Therefore, it should be obvious saying that this room should be a peaceful space that meets everyone’s needs. This is possible with the ideal colour combination for modular kitchens.

The aforementioned write-up offers numerous suggestions for colour schemes that can completely change the look of your kitchen. Which combination of colours did you like the most? Look no further if you’re seeking the best kitchen colour combinations online all provided by Berger Express Painting. Take advantage of today’s hassle-free painting with Berger wall paint colours.


Which colours to avoid in a kitchen colour combination?

Darker tones of green, blue, red, and purple should be completely avoided because they will cast a shadow on the food and darken the area. Kitchens should stay away from colours like green and orange in particular.

Should cabinets be the same colour as the wall in a modular kitchen?

It’s not a must, but kitchen cabinets and walls don’t have to be the same colour. In fact, it can produce a beautiful, unified appearance if walls and cabinets are different in colour.  Given the quantity of space they occupy, kitchen cabinets naturally catch people’s attention.

What is the best colour combination for kitchen cabinets with black countertops?

Nearly every colour of the cabinet can be matched with black countertops, even pale blue. This colour scheme is ideal for homeowners looking to give their kitchen a light and airy vibe. Black countertops contrast beautifully with blue cabinets, making for a great contrast that will undoubtedly command attention.

How to paint kitchen walls like a pro?

You can follow these simple steps,

  • Wait until it’s dry weather
  • Make a complete visual inspection and get colour estimate.
  • Purchase premium roller covers, painter’s tape, and brushes.
  • Avoid painting anything you don’t want to.
  • The light switch and outlet covers must be removed.
  • Apply Primer.
  • Leave the work to the roller.
  • Always paint from top to bottom.

How to choose the right interior wall paints for your kitchen?

Here is a step-by-step process discussed below,

  • Select the colours for your cabinets first.
  • Pick out colours for your appliances.
  • After that, the colour of your countertops should be chosen.
  • Make wise flooring selections as they must go well with all the colours you’ve already chosen.
  • Choose the wall colour that best appeals to you.

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