Guest rooms are less used but an integral part of most houses, those are the extra bedrooms for the guests. Therefore, selecting the correct interior colours for a guest room is very essential and tricky. 

In this blog we’ve discussed different painting ideas and tips for interior wall coating.

Elements that add life to your Guest Bedroom

You can serve your guests a delightful stay at your place by using these thoughtful and welcoming guest room painting ideas.

Different people have different tastes, so one should opt for a universal design that appeals to most people. And the room’s colour is significant because it helps to create the mood for your guests.

Top Guest Room Colour Ideas To Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Usually, light-neutral colours are most popular since they are not overwhelming and friendly for house paints. We bring you some elegant and soothing guest room paint colours along with some great bright colours (let’s take a different approach) that will let your guest have a great time at your place.    

Bright White for Natural Light and Positivity

Universally loved colour, brings positivity and creates a natural brightness that makes places look bigger and clean and goes any interior design. One can definitely choose white considering these aspects. Moreover, White & its shades are ideal for rooms that are less naturally lit. The colour will impart a brightness that won’t make the room feel sad without sunlight.

Go With Bold Colour

It can be scary to explore outside the comfort zone of neutrals and muted colours, but playing with unorthodox combinations of shades can pay off in spades. Find bold colour combinations with the Interior paint product finder.

Contrast Colours

Contrast is one of the features of home painting design. If you use dark colours on the walls and light colours on the furniture, it will significantly contrast colours in the guest room. Create a contrasting effect by applying colour contrast on the walls—paint three walls with light colours and the fourth wall with a darker colour or vice-versa.

Warm Up the Room with lime-green

If subtle and straightforward is not your style, you can always go for a paint colour choice like this lively lime green. The colour captures the current of a spirited family lifestyle, giving a more personal touch to your guest room. The lime green can pep up any place and make it look spacious, bright and fresh.

Style Your Guest Room with Coral Pink

two colour combinations for bedroom walls

Coral pink is a great colour for guest room interiors. It’s homely, warm & welcoming. It brings a lively vibe to the place that will surely warm your guests’ hearts. The coral pink, combined with the white wall colour and wooden flooring, accentuates the brightness of the pink shade. Coral pink also brings an earthiness to the room.

Purple Guest Room Paint Colour For Everyday Charm

A soothing shade is a universal interior colour. Therefore, choosing an excellent colour like purple as a guest room paint colour is intelligent. Purple gently blends with the white colour and the wooden bed design. Purple colour also gives you a subtle background making space for  different wall decorations.

Textured Guest Room Paint Colour

wall texture designs for bedroom

You want to try more than just paints on the interior walls! Then textured colours are just for you. Add the heart of a design on the statement wall with textured colours.


Guest rooms are very important, it creates perspective about you. A good looking guest bedroom makes a better impression on you. Guests who often visit your house can have a specific mindset, you can paint accordingly. Follow the given tips and ideas for a better result.

What colour should a guest room be?

A guest room should be painted with neutral or whitish shades of paints. This will make your guest room look bright and big and impact your guest’s mind in a good way.

How can I make my room nice for guests?

  • Keep the Decor neutral
  • Choose a comfortable bed
  • Choose a comfortable mattress
  • Install good lighting
  • Have a sofa for comfortable sitting
  • Get wardrobe, drawers

Which colour is best for guests room?

Neutral and whiter shades are always recommended. E.g. off-white is a very good option. This creates a warm & cosy ambience in your guest room.

How would you make a guest room feel luxurious?

Choose a contrast colour combination on your interior walls and furniture to provide it a royal look. Use some whitish shade to better flow the design. Consider installing good bedding and lighting to your bedroom.

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