Brief history/Why & How exterior paints came into existence

Home painting is the new way of renovation.


Having an exterior house painting will make your home shiny and protect it. Your house will look cleaner, attractive, and newer, which simply adds to its value.

Painting your house also makes it dustproof and weatherproof. It will also restrict the growth of moulds or bugs and will prevent your house from extensive damage. So give your house a quality exterior wall painting. Try blending this by selecting colors that match nicely with your property’s landscaping. 

Why you can’t overlook the need for exterior house paint

dark exterior paint colours

  • Keeps the building in a well-maintained condition:

Nothing transforms a house quicker than paint. Whether it’s a bright blue, an earthy red, or a shimmering yellow, a fresh coat of exterior paint can give a house an entirely new look and take it back to its early days.

But aside from just the stunning cosmetic transformation, good exterior paint is vital for your house’s health—exterior paint protects your home by giving it an extra layer against harsh weather and other macroscopic things that can invade the architecture and penetrate the walls. Exterior paint restricts rainwater from getting in through small cracks in the walls and protects it from mold and dampness.

  • It gives an eye-catching appearance:

Paint gives your house personality—you can select a colour that represents your style or that fits with the architectural style, age, or location of your home to give it the dream look that is unlike anyone else’s.

  • Increases the value of the house:

Curb appeal is important to your home’s value, especially on the market. Potential sellers quickly judge how much they are willing to spend based on the house’s exterior appearance. Nothing contributes to curb appeal or adds character to a house like exterior paint. Even the oldest, dingiest house can level up by nothing more than a fresh coat of paint. 

Aspects to be considered while choosing exterior paints

  • Is it providing water-proof coating/ dust & stain-resistant?

Exterior surfaces should be given an additional coat for better protection as these areas are prone to sun & rain. Waterproof paint is surely the best choice for it— Any water coming across your home will simply run off, preventing water penetration and reducing dirt and staining the walls. The paint must possess waterproofing ability, high strength, and high flexibility to face weather conditions.  Paint should be vapour-permeable to allow breathing of the structural element and highly elastic to ensure crack-bridging. It should also provide strong bonding to the substrate and excellent coverage. Hydrophobic paints & coatings are water repellent and protect the outside cladding of your home from direct penetration by water.

  • Texture:

Exterior wall coating paints tend to have a high resin content, providing great elasticity, flexibility, and good adhesion qualities. Examples of some resins that can be found in various coating systems are; Alkyd, Acrylic, Pliolite and Polyester. Exterior wall coatings are decorative treatments formulated for exterior surfaces. Exterior wall coating helps to provide a smooth and attractive finish to the exterior of a building and enables longer life. So they are usually very hard-wearing and durable.

Acrylic paints are UV resistant which makes them one of the best choices. Extended exposure to wind, rain, humid conditions, and sunlight can wear out the paint. So select paint that protects against extreme weather conditions. If it rains a lot for the better part of the year, you may choose oil-based paints to protect against wind and rain.

  • Appearance:

How deep or light colour have you chosen? How likely is it going to blend in with your attire? These are a few questions you should ask yourself while choosing the right colour for the exterior. When deciding the exterior wall paint colour ideas, you must remember a few things.

Dark colours can be your first choice but choosing it as the colour for the painting of your exterior walls are very bad exterior wall paint ideas, so never do that. Dark colours absorb heat, and dust will be very much visible on it, thus making it a wrong idea to choose darker tones for the exterior wall. Also, check whether the paint is formulated with resins and tinted with the right colourants, ensuring vibrant colours for several years.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

Paint is relatively inexpensive and painless compared to other home improvement projects because it can deliver amazing results without consuming much time or labour or disturbance of remodelling or rebuilding part of your home. So when it comes time to update your home, don’t forget to start with new exterior paint.        

  • Washable or not:

Washability is also an important consideration when looking at the paint finish. Paints should be able to adhere to repeated cleanups without losing their colour, richness or finish. Washable paints are hugely popular as they are easy to maintain. It provides good outdoor resistance, even in environments exposed to harsh conditions.

Acrylic resin is one of the preferred material options for this type of resistance. It builds resistance against washing and the alkaline environment typical of cement-based surfaces and plastering.

Best time to get exterior Textured paints coating

exterior house paint

  • Mostly preferred during the festive season- Traditionally, the festive time has meant cleaning, painting and decorating the house. There are always some offers on the paints and labour around that time. So paint your house around the festive season.
  • Monsoon is not recommended.- Don’t paint when it’s wet outside! Avoid rainy days, and always ensure all the surfaces you’ll be painting are completely dry. Otherwise, oil-based paints won’t stay on the walls. So this is essential if you want to end up with a perfectly even application.
  • As per Convenience – You don’t want to try to paint outside amid the winter since it’s usually too cold for the paint to dry and properly cure. Some days can be too hot for painting since extreme heat can cause problems with how the paint dries. Consider ideal conditions and temperature at night, too, since your paint will still dry. If you’re unsure whether the conditions are ideal for exterior painting, ask an expert.
  • Don’t try to Paint Outside The Seasons.- If you live in the northern hemisphere, you can sometimes keep going into fall. Southern areas are generally warm enough into early winter, so they can get away with painting much later into the year. Of course, deciding to paint will depend greatly on your climate, but if you follow these general guidelines, you’re sure to have a flawless finish.
  • Don’t paint when it’s wet outside. – You need at least 8-12 hours (depending on the dew point, humidity in the air, paint type and shade used, and several paint coats) for the exterior emulsion paint to dry. The paint might feel dry to the touch after a few hours, but it is still likely to be soft from the inside, like a cake in an oven.
    Like after 4-6 hours, light rain will not entirely ruin your freshly painted walls, but they might still need some repainting when it is dry. To avoid this, one should aim for five days of normal, not-rainy weather, pay close attention to the forecast, and consult professionals to choose the best time for exterior home painting.
  • How long is long enough? – It depends on how wet the surface is. If it is dry to touch, you should be able to paint. However, even flat surfaces have dried, other areas might not have, such as surfaces hidden in the shadows, trims and molding, hairline cracks, and nail holes. It is best to speak to painting professionals with the required tools and expertise to deal with these situations.

Why Berger exterior paints are the unbeatable choice at the moment

Ideally, exterior paint should last for at least five years, but using quality paints can last more than ten years without a retouch. Berger Paints has a range of solutions for the exteriors of your house. So if you are looking for waterproofing, antifungal and anti-dust exterior emulsions, Berger has the solution for all your exterior home painting requirements.

Painting is more than just about applying a fresh coat of paint. But you must factor in many elements: waterproofing, levelling, plaster repair, proper protection and emulsions to ensure a good finish etc. To conclude, painting your house requires proper planning, just like any big home improvement project. If you want painting service, contact Berger Paints painting professionals and experiences a hassle-free and smooth painting experience.


Here are the summarised key points from the article to help you choose the best exterior house paint colours:

  • Combination: stick to one or a maximum of two exterior home painting colours, as more colours on the exteriors appear cluttered. If using a single colour, then using different shades of the same colour is the best approach.
  • Color choices: avoid black and other dark colours since they absorb heat and dust. I prefer a pale shade of the dark colour and mix them with another light colour.
  • Durability: For a perfect exterior wall paint acrylics are the best choices as they have high durability and are easier to clean.
  • Painting season: Exterior paints tend to have a longer lifespan if painted in particular seasons. The weather should not be too cold or too hot. And the rainy season should be avoided. That’s how the paint will dry properly.

exterior house paint colours

  • Final checklist:
  1. The surface is completely dry,
  2. It has not rained recently,
  3. Waterproofing work is thoroughly done,
  4. Outside temperature is higher than 25°C (or the paint will start curing),
  5. The weather forecast predicts no rain in the next week.

Other Products & Services

Rain doesn’t mean you can’t carry out the exterior painting. Especially in India, wherein the rainy season is followed by the festive and wedding season, it might not be a solution to delay or stop paintwork. The best thing is you can follow the weather forecast and plan accordingly. And remember that even if things don’t go according to plan, there is always a fix.

Weather can be unpredictable, so if you have hired a reputed painting contractor from Berger Express Painting, trust your painter to take care of all weather related problems. Berger Express Painting experts use Homeshield Moisture Metre, a device that tells you the moisture levels in the walls. This way, you can find out if the walls are dry. This also helps understand if there is a chance of water seepage or leakage that will require further inspection and treatment.

Suppose you live in a coastal area or someplace that sees heavy rainfall. In that case, weather-proof paints like WeatherCoat LongLife 10 are a worthwhile investment, and they will ensure that the exterior walls stay protected from heavy rains and the paint does not fade or lose lustre over time.


What are the benefits of using exterior house colours?

If you are going to paint your house exterior, know the benefits,

  1.  Exterior paint keeps dirt and dust away
  2. Protect the exterior surface of the wall
  3. Prevent stains and wall marks
  4. Cut down repair damage by damp
  5. Low VOC paint promotes good indoor air quality
  6. Enhances the visual appeal.

How do you choose exterior house colours?

When deciding the colour scheme for the exterior of your house, then Dark colours can be your first choice but choosing it as the colour for the painting of your exterior walls is a very bad idea, so try choosing from lighter shades.

What are some of the most popular exterior house colours?

Look for nature-inspired tones like earthy greens and citron yellows for a classic colour combination. Citrus colours that are grounding and uplifting can energise any space, e.g., LIGHT MURALS (7P0191), SUMMER SMILE (7P1497), SWEET SAGE (7T1523)

Which exterior house colours are trending?

Try these trending colour combinations for outdoor paint for house:-

  1. {WATERS EDGE (4P1018), GARDEN WALL (4P2217), BRIGHTON BAY (4T2171)}

     2.{EXOTIC LOVE (7T1653), TUSCAN TRAIL (7D1647), RUSTIC RUST (7A0331)}

  1. {SUNSWEPT (3T0739), LEMON LACE (3P0088), SUN AND FUN (3T0772)}
  2. {LIGHT MURALS (7P0191), SUMMER SMILE (7P1497), SWEET SAGE (7T1523)}

5.{ESSENCE TEAL (4P0266), SEA WAVES (4P1026), WARM DAY (8T2520)}

How important is exterior paint?

A quality exterior paint acts as armour to your walls and protects it from harsh sun and loads of rain. Chemicals present in these paints prevent the growth of mould and bugs. A good exterior paint also fills little cracks in the concrete and stops water from getting in.


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