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From soothing pastels to daring hues, explore our top 8 accent colours that will boost your home’s style factor.
If you are trying to add finishing touches to your home but can’t figure out what the missing aesthetic element is, it might be an accent colour house paint. Accent colours are one of the easiest and fun ways to dress your walls or add a punch of colour to your design scheme. They create contrast and depth within a room without taking away from versatile furniture or treasured antiques. The key is finding the right accent shade to complement the existing elements.

Bedroom Wall Paint

Most people may not put a lot of thought in deciding room colour, even if it influences us every day. Colours have the ability to affect our moods, according to science. And that is why it is so important to choose colours wisely when deciding the colour palette for your home and more so for your walls since they make up the majority of any room.

Painting Tool

A colour is a powerful tool that can change your mood and impact how your favourite piece of furniture looks. Imagine yourself walking into your newly painted room and it looks terrible. You are disappointed and you think to yourself, “This cannot be the colour I chose and gave to the painters!” But yet it is a reality staring right at your face. What could have possibly gone wrong?

Colours for Home Interiors

Ayurveda has interpreted the subtle effects planetary positions have on our moods, personality and even our destiny for thousands of years. While modern science hasn’t validated or grasped the influence of planetary positions on circadian science, it has not contradicted or denied the influence either.