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Many couples are arranging small weddings now that we’re at the “Unlock” period while prioritising everyone’s health and safety. If you’ve already decided to organise a small wedding at home, we’re sure you’re struggling with “how to decorate” it even though venues are only starting to open up. Simple wedding décor ideas abound, and they may really help you make the most of your big day. Put your concerns to rest since we have some simple apartment wedding decoration ideas for you.

One essential piece of bedroom furniture is your wardrobe, which, after your bed, undoubtedly has the most noticeable visual impact and uses. Wardrobes are typically used to keep your essentials. But a contemporary two-colour wardrobe design is a mind-blowing object that is more than just basic furniture for your home. Most of us tend to favour neutral, light tones or pastel wardrobe shades that blend in with the room’s colour when choosing our wardrobes. However, your bedroom wardrobe is no longer required to be a secret or covert item.

Follow the tips shared in this blog and try out Berger Express painting to make your wardrobe stand out from the rest of your space!

Bohemian colour, as the name suggests, is a mixture of artistic expressions and various cultures giving it an aesthetic look. Some of the most popular and common bohemian colour includes colours like white, brown, yellow, blue, grey and many more. Here, we are going to discuss about the different bohemian colour and furniture combinations which will perfectly suit for your home’s interior. 

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A beautiful kitchen points towards your investment in your family’s health and happiness and draws all the members of your family and guests together. So, it’s very important to make the kitchen aesthetically pleasing. With the perfect and most beautiful combinations of colors you can make your kitchen look stylish. In this article we are going to help you with the best kitchen color combination ideas, tell you the importance of different colors to design your kitchen and how to choose the correct one for your kitchenette. 

Best zodiac sign colour combination for walls

An excellent interior design also has a well-thought-out colour palette. Selecting a paint colour alone is insufficient. What areas are you thinking about painting? Does daylight enter these rooms? What is the intended use of this? What kind of paint finish are you thinking about using?

If you want to learn how to create a successful colour scheme for a home, it is imperative to have the answers to all of these questions. Visit this blog for inventive suggestions for colourful living rooms with cheery lounge decor, warmly coloured kitchens, and original dining room ideas.


We use our staircases multiple times a day, but we sometimes consider them to be works of art. However, with some thought and planning, this purely functional area of the house may become the centrepiece of any interior design. Considering the sheer size of this installation, we can create something unique by making it more sculptural, uniquely styled, and distinctive to the environment. Suppose your representation of a staircase includes straight treads, sturdy risers, obedient spindles, and submissive bannisters. In that case, this insightful blog with unique staircase designs will introduce you to a completely different way of thinking.                              

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While creating your house is a beautiful experience, it can also be intimidating. Trying to strike the appropriate balance of form and function is complex. Whatever your approach, the large picture and the minute details are both vital. Here are some designer-approved home decor ideas to inspire you as you create your dream house, from selecting the correct furniture to finding the perfect colour palette.