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A common saying goes, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. But the different sets of eyes have something in common. Studies on colour psychology concluded that a wall colour combination is perceived differently by different groups of subjects. Here’s the interesting part: people belonging to one zodiac sign felt the same about the same colour!

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Discover the wall colours that go beyond aesthetics. Dive into the belief of how colours can influence not only your mental health and well-being, but also your luck. Colour theory suggests that carefully selecting the best wall colours for your home can positively impact many aspects of your life.

Which are these colours and how can you incorporate them into your home? Let’s take a look.


Did you know that certain bedroom colours help you sleep better? Or that your choice of room paint colours could likely be the culprit behind your nightmares? Colour combinations for bedroom walls go beyond art. It’s all about science and psychology.

Having the right knowledge of good bedroom colour combinations never hurt anybody. If you’re going to select colour combinations for bedroom walls, let’s make sure you pass the test with flying colours!

Colours play a very important role in our lives. They impact our thoughts, moods, and even the way we react. Every colour has an influence, with some bringing positive vibes while others instilling negativity. Study room colours must be chosen to promote focus and learning. From invigorating bold hues to soothing neutrals, when you pick the right study room colour, it will help enhance productivity.

Vastushastra is an ancient architectural science that is applied to houses today in order to attract peace, prosperity, and health. Every home is designed with a special place for worship. It is meant to be a tranquil place with calming vibes. The role of Vastu in painting Pooja room wall colours is significant, as colours are believed to have an impact on our emotions, thoughts, and overall energy. Whether it is Vastu colours for the living room or kitchen and bedroom, Vastu colours for the home can certainly bring in positive and happy vibes.

Ceilings in any space are often disregarded because they are typically out of our direct line of sight. But out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind. Isn’t it ironic that we don’t typically care for the ceiling, given that we spend so much time and attention on the floor materials we choose, the wall colour, the furnishings, the window treatments, etc.?