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White Paint for Wall

If you have browsed Pinterest or Instagram recently and ‘trendy home décor’ is on your list of interests, you must have definitely stumbled upon all white Scandinavian style home décor. An all-time favourite for interior designers and architects alike, a coat of white paint can be the most striking and versatile backdrop. While the naysayers might say decorating with white is boring and drab, we think it is far from the truth. White is a vibrant colour that offers an endless number of decorating possibilities.

Exterior Building Construction

India is a growing nation with rapid urbanisation and development taking place across towns and cities. The nation is changing at a fast pace and you can witness a dramatic shift in lifestyle with these changing times. The traditional small-scale economies have been slowly replaced by industrial economies, which have enhanced production efficiency and accelerated economic growth. Simultaneously, there has been an increase in the demand for labour in urban-centered areas. The rural population has moved to urban areas in a quest for better opportunities. In fact, according to Brookings Institute, the pace of urbanisation in India is growing twice as fast as China, with more than 10 million people migrating to cities and towns every year.

 “It’s Time to Bleed Blue. Are You Ready?”

With yet another World Cup season, the cricket fever is gripping the entire nation once again. Die-hard Cricket fans across the country are cheering for Indian Cricket team and players not just at stadiums, but at homes, offices, bars, colleges and restaurants and everywhere possible.

Also, there are absolutely fanatic cricket disciples who think out-of-the-box to showcase their true love and loyalty towards the men sweating it out on the field for the pride of their nation. If you are one such admirer of the Indian Cricket Team and willing to do something extraordinary in sync with the exciting World Cup mood, we have got some truly amazing ideas for you.

It is not just the structure, construction or visual impact of a building but also the value of certain materials that form the essence of the building architecture. The building material affects the vision of a structure since it plays a big part in the final appearance of the project. Architects play a key role here in determining the quality-quantity relationship of the building material used. This helps in having the architect’s detailed-driven mindset that plays a big part in the creative process of the construction work. This involvement has also encouraged innovation in the field.

This award recognises the performance of the company and appreciates its achievement in Occupational Safety & Health during the assessment period of two years – 2015-2016. It is the first time ever in its history that it has received this award. Berger Paints India is the second largest paint company in India and has established itself as a trusted name in the Indian paint industry.
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Beepee Coatings Pvt. Ltd., the subsidiary firm of Berger Paints India, has bagged the 17th Annual Greentech Safety Award 2018.
The objective behind the Greentech Safety Award is to promote improvements in workplace safety, encourage those responsible for workplace safety management and recognition of workplace safety as an ethical responsibility to both, employer and employees.
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