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white exterior house freshly painted Besides visual appeal, style, and weather resistance, the exterior colours for houses directly impact one very important factor: Your ROI. What’s the relation between property value and exterior wall paint? Painting the exterior of your home can increase its value by 2–5%. In fact, exterior wall paint boosts 152% return on investment.

Now the only question to ask yourself is: “How do I choose exterior wall paint?”

Your home’s exterior tells a story—at times, it narrates tales of battling environmental factors. Welcome to Berger Paints, where we paint your imagination.

Dust, the common and stealthy intruder, settles on our house walls daily, camouflaging their vibrant hues. Berger Paints Weather Coat Anti-Dustt Coating is an exterior wall paint that will ward off dust, fungus, harmful rays, and pollutants that make your home exterior walls look dull and pale.

Preserving and maintaining the magnificence of heritage historic homes and structures is akin to safeguarding the essence of a bygone era. However, this noble endeavour isn’t without its challenges. Heritage buildings face a myriad of issues, from the relentless march of time to environmental elements that relentlessly chip away at their charm and splendour.