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Plaster, chunna, chemical solution– most of us have tried some or all of these water leakage solutions over the years only to find dampness seep back in our home walls. Alas! But ever wondered why? These solutions, while may offer temporary relief, have limited protection against dampness because it is only a film between the plaster and the paint. If the wall has dampness coming from a source which is not diagnosed and fixed, then the effects of leakage will soon reappear.

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How do you tell facts from gibberish? From real solutions to jugadu-kaam that somehow always requires constant upkeep and maintenance? Read the blog to find out!

We love the pitter-patter of raindrops on the window but what if we saw them falling right through our ceiling inside our house? It would certainly give us a scare, wouldn’t it? Well, turns out, water has an ability to seep into home walls, and the first signs of this can be noticed only when it is late, causing wall dampness and leakages. Hence, it is always recommended to get your walls waterproofed in the start; since prevention is always better than cure. Like we promised, only science-backed facts, no gibberish here!

Tips to prepare your home for the monsoon

The monsoon season is particularly unique in our part of the world. India faces months of lashing winds and torrential rains, with continual wetness and dampness. This brings a set of unique problems for homeowners- leaks, peeling paint, foul odour, damage, pests are a common sight. Your home is a safe haven that protects you from the dangers of the world, regular upkeep is all the more important, especially during unforgiving Indian monsoons.

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in unimaginable ways. As we remain confined to our homes and spend extended time indoors, most of us have been contemplating home improvement projects, perhaps spending so much time at home has inspired us like never before. And now with the festive season around the corner, the itch for a home makeover and renovation is undeniable.

Home Exterior Paint

No matter how much time you spend choosing the perfect couch for your living room, if you want your home to make a good first impression, you have to start before your guests walk in through the main door. If you are aiming to increase your home’s value, you may be inadvertently influencing what people think about your home when they look at it.