Safe Home Painting Service

Born in 1760 and among India’s oldest paint companies, Berger Paints is one of the most loved and preferred brands when it comes to making your house look stunning. The country’s second-largest painting and waterproofing solutions organization, did you know that Berger was the first paints and coatings company in India to get all its products and factories Green Certified? Goes on to show how much we care about the environment, and about our customers.

To also provide our customers with a safer, faster and cleaner home painting experience, our popular Berger Express Painting (XP) service – a one-of-a-kind painting package includes a slew of value-added services.

Get The XP Advantage:

Following are the value-added services we provide to help you get your home painted even in these challenging times:

Safe Nahi, Super Safe Painting

Stay home, stay safe is the motto of the pandemic! Keeping your health and safety as our top priority, XP home painting services only assign painters who have a green status on the Aarogya Setu App. Equipped with XP health and safety kits, our painters wear masks, gloves and head covers, follow social distancing protocols and regularly disinfect their tools and sanitise frequently touched surfaces. Right from your first booking to your freshly painted home, our certified executives and painters follow all the safety and hygiene guidelines to leave you a protected and safe home.

Berger Express Painting App

The Berger Express Painting app is proving to be a boon for the customers during the pandemic! You can now enjoy all the following digitised services:

  • Exploring infinite colour combinations for each and every part of your house using the Virtual painter feature of the app.
  • Zero-contact, cashless and paperless transactions.
  • Keeping a track of the health and temperatures of on-site Berger executives and painters.
  • Getting sanitised products delivered to your doorstep.
  • Tracking the progress of your home’s painting in real time, through the app.

Technological Advantage

Once you book your consultation appointment through the app, our executives arrange a site visit based on your availability. During this visit, the walls of your house are digitally measured for accurate dimensions and sizes of the actual painting surfaces. Using a moisture metre, our executives also search for any dampness in the walls, ceilings and floorings, to make a careful diagnosis and provide the best waterproofing remedy accordingly. 

Efficient Time-Saving Tools

With the help of fast and efficient mechanised tools, our XP painters take the entire home painting process to the next level! The tools that we use include:

  • Sanding Machine: This machine helps prep the surfaces to be painted by making them smooth. All the dust that the sanding process creates is vacuumed into an attached bag, thus keeping the air in your home clean and breathable.
  • High Pressure Washer: Having the feature of nozzle adjustment, the high-pressure washer is also equipped with a pressure regulator which lets painters control the force of the water.
  • Multipurpose Mixer: This machine comes with regulated speeds that lead to a quick and hassle-free mixing process. The multipurpose mixer can be used for various types of paints and bases, from your putty to your textured emulsions.
  • Airless Paint Sprayer: Used for quick paint application, the airless paint sprayer supports water-based paints and primers. The beauty of this tool lies in the fact that it effectively reduces the amount of material used and lets the painters paint large surfaces in a short amount of time.
  • Auto Roller: Providing a superior finish, the auto roller comes with an automatic paint pumping feature that lets the painters do their job swiftly and efficiently.

Clean And Safe Home

Safe Home Painting

With the XP Advantage, you can experience safety and cleanliness right from the start. When your paint job begins, the first thing our painters do is cover all your furniture, fixtures, plumbing, floors and other valuable items with durable and waterproof sheets. This protects your belongings from paint spills and dust. Our painters also use masking tape to protect your electrical sockets, window sills and door frames. Once your paint job is complete, the painters undertake a complete post-painting site clean-up and sanitisation in order to keep you and your loved ones safe.

In this pandemic, if you are thinking of getting your house painted in a clean and hygienic way, you can count on Berger Express Painting. With your health as our priority, we ensure strict safety protocols are followed by all our employees, every step of the way.

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