roof waterproofing

If you’re redoing a room or planning a whole-house remodel, a waterproofing professional can be a sound investment.

Planning a massive renovation is a big decision for most homeowners. Whether they live in a small apartment, a duplex or a bungalow, a home remodeling project dramatically changes the entire household, energises the space, and makes all the neighbours really jealous.

The mention of additional professional services during renovation makes people think about the cost implications of hiring an expert. To cut the costs, many people shrug it off thinking waterproofing experts are only required for big projects and construction. On the contrary, homes are spaces that require thoughtful evaluation and planning.

Watching dampness and peeling paint on a newly renovated house can be ghastly. Carrying out roof waterproofing and wall waterproofing before home renovations help in better adhesion of the compound with the membranes. It will add not just aesthetics but also protects the house. Here’s why you should consider speaking to Homeshield waterproofing experts before any major home renovation:

To see the bigger picture

A waterproofing expert has the training and knowledge to spell out the health status of the home walls and structure. Using tools like Moisture Meter, they can find any weak spots or areas that could potentially cause leakage or dampness issues. Depending on the extent of water damage, they can suggest waterproofing solutions to plug in dampness, setting the stage clear for your renovation. Homeshield professionals are experts at not only seeing the big picture, but also the hundreds of tiny steps between concept and completion.

Thorough planning

Another important advantage of hiring a waterproofing expert before renovating is the effective planning they provide. They give you advice on the design of your space and weak spots where water damage is likely, what materials should be used for waterproof roof coating or any problems that might occur during the process. They also provide you with a step-to-step plan of the installation of waterproofing systems with a round estimate of how much it is going to cost you. This can prove to be very useful so you can plan your budget and be prepared for any additional costs that may come along the way.

waterproof roof coating

Technical dexterity

While an interior designer can guide on the aesthetics and design, no one understands waterproofing like Homeshield experts, which is why he or she is the perfect person to coordinate with in the initial stages of renovation. Not all signs of water damage in the house are as obvious as puddles of water leaking through your roof after a downpour. Some of the more common signs of dampness in your house include wet patches, peeling paint, mould and mildew, rust on tools and appliances. Waterproofing professionals will immediately locate the root cause of any leakages and fix it accordingly. They have the right skills and equipment for repairing existing damages. They can provide best advice on roof leakage solutions. Taking up waterproofing right in the beginning will save up a lot of money on repairs in the future. Opt for professional assistance and get the job done right the first time!

Quality management

Some local contractors might give you a smaller quotation but will find a way to cut costs by using low quality or compromised products. Professional waterproofing services make use of only the best products which will make sure that the house is repaired in the best possible way. This will further save the home’s structure from any potential damage. Homeshield services and products come with a warranty, so in case there is a problem, you don’t have to worry about it in the future.

Renovating your home and installing a robust waterproofing system requires certain skills that can be met only by professional services. Hiring a professional like Berger Homeshield will help you avoid any damages and failures that may occur in the remodeling process. For professional waterproofing advice, diagnosis and services, contact Homeshield experts, SMS ‘HS’ to 56767 or click here:

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