Child drawing on the wall

Have an artistic child who enjoys drawing on walls? Has your child spent hours doodling walls and drawing on walls?

It’s very common for young children to doodle on walls

While some of what gets drawn are unintelligible, most are child-like drawings of people, animals, and flowers. This shows that kids have an inner drive to create something beautiful. Don’t worry—it’s a phase that they’ll grow out of eventually.

As a Parent, allow your child to explore – Try Berger Easy Clean as a pre-measure for your wall protection

Let the walls of your home be a canvas or a board for your little one to explore their creativity. Whether it is drawing what they feel like, or it is writing things out of their books, allow your child to do what they love. Berger Easy Clean is a paint that will let you do this effortlessly.

How to remove stains from walls

  1. How to remove pen marks from wall? Harder to remove, it’s best to use an oil-based paint remover for wall scribble.
  2. How to remove pencil marks from wall? Usually easy to remove as they are light in colour. A soft eraser will work wonders for wall cleaning!
  3. How to remove Sketch pen marks from wall? These would leave behind a slightly darker, less faded stain on wall than pencil marks.
  4. Mother and Daughter Painting How to remove crayon marks from wall? Try wiping it off with a damp cloth and soap water.
  5. How to remove ink from wall? Mix some dish soap with water and apply it directly to the stain for wall cleaning.

Assess the stain on the wall caused by pen marks

Assess if it can be cleaned or if it requires repainting – If the doodles are done with permanent markers or crayons, or if you have a smooth surface with marks on walls, then repainting may be required for wall cleaning.

For small areas, a simple cleaning solution and a soft sponge may do the trick – Try using a simple cleaning solution and a soft sponge. Just wipe away the stain and wash it with soap or water.

For a larger area, it may require repainting – If you have a large area, you can usually just repaint it. This is a quick, easy fix that will restore your wall quickly and cheaply.

Wall care

Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need to touch up the area with paint or hire a professional to do so – Sometimes, the damage is beyond your ability to fix. You may have to touch up the area with paint or hire a professional.

If you need to repaint, make sure to match the colour and finish of the existing wall paint – You can do this by using a colour board, which is a tool that allows you to see how different colours look together in real life.

Consider adding a protective coating to the walls to make it easier to clean up any future marks or stains – If you’re looking for a way to make cleaning your walls easier, we recommend adding a protective coating. A protective coating will not only make it easier to clean the walls, but it will also protect them from future stains and marks.

Try Berger Easy Clean Washable Interior Paint

With Berger Easy Clean, you can get a washable interior paint that’s perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other places where you need an easy-to-clean finish. This paint is made with a special formula that allows it to be easily removed from surfaces with soap and water.

Mother and Daughter Painting


Most toddlers will go through a phase where they love drawing on walls. Get washable wall paint and stop worrying about wall stains. As long as there are no harmful or permanent stains left on the walls, you’ll be safe to keep these drawings up. Our Express Painting services can offer consulting to help choose the right paint.


Why does my child keep drawing on walls?

Children all go through phases during which they experiment with their own creativity. Some will enjoy painting on the walls, while others might prefer to draw or write on them, and it’s all absolutely fine.

Is it normal for kids to draw?

Drawing may be seen as a positive and adaptive behavior, necessary to their development as visual learners. Hence, do not restrict your child from drawing on the wall. Let the creativity flow through them.

At what age do kids stop drawing on walls?

Many kids stop drawing on their own during their tween or teenage years. By that age, most children have found other hobbies like sports, music, computers, and video games to pursue.

What is the psychology of a child drawing on a wall?

Young children, with their vivid imaginations often find themselves driven to express themselves through doodling walls. For them the wall is their canvas and as parents do not restrict them.

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