Repairing and waterproofing terraces can be a long, painful process. This blog will help you learn how to tackle it with the help of scientific waterproofing solutions- Berger Home Shield.

Harsh weather conditions, wear and tear and atmospheric changes can create deep cracks on terraces and roofs. And if it is not waterproofed or poorly constructed, to begin with, water is likely to seep through the common joints between the walls and the roof and ruin interior and exterior walls with dampness.

There are plenty of makeshift waterproofing solutions available today that offer some quick fixes and old methods of roof waterproofing like brickbat coba, plaster or chemical solution. While it might bring some temporary relief, with heavy rains and temperature fluctuations, it is very likely to result in cracks and seepage very quickly. Since these temporary solutions only add a film between the plaster and the paint, it is not a long term, reliable solution.


Choosing the right waterproofing for your roof

If you’re looking for reliable, long-term waterproofing solutions, here’s something you need to keep in mind:

Bonding strength

The bonding strength is important since it ensures the solution bonds tightly with the roof to offer long-term and effective waterproofing. The membrane can have restricted or non-restricted movement depending on the bonding of the substrate. The bonding strength also affects the extent of the flexibility and elasticity of the product.

Crack bridging

This property determines the ability of a waterproofing solution to overcome strains caused by a crack in the substrate. In case of severe damage to the roof in forms of cracks, crack bridging will help bridge pre-existing cracks and prevent them from resurfacing in the future.


Proper waterproofing solutions last a long time, so if dampness and cracks appear on your roof and walls every year even after waterproofing, your approach might need some tweaking. Keeping this in mind, it is important to ensure you opt for professional waterproofing solutions and products that can provide elongation and last for years to come.

Adhesive properties

This property helps make sure the bonds stay waterproofed and have a good hold, every time. Even the strongest bonds can easily fall apart when they are exposed to water, so it is important for a waterproofing product to have a good adhesive property to surfaces.

Heat and UV resistance

In India, the temperature in the summer months can be very high, causing serious damage to the roof, heating up the indoors rapidly, especially for people who live on the top floor. Heat and UV resistance ensures that the roof reflects heat, providing energy efficiency and cooler indoors.

Berger’s Home Shield waterproofing products like Weathercoat Roofguard and Weathercoat Long Life are ideal for roof and terrace waterproofing. They offer great bonding strength, durability, adhesion and ensure uniform film thickness throughout the surface.

Need to waterproof your home terrace and walls? It’s time to speak to Berger Home Shield

Dampness in your terrace and walls can lead to expensive consequences over time. Why delay when a solution is at hand? Berger Home Shield experts use a scientific approach to roof waterproofing, armed with Moisture Meter, they first detect the right source of dampness trapped within the roof and then repair it with customised solutions. No doling out fake ‘gyaan’ here, only long-term and proven waterproofing solutions backed by ‘vigyaan’. To book a consultation, SMS HS to 56767 or click here.

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