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Waterproofing is a major part of society maintenance work. Read on to know why it is important to get everyone on board with vaigyaanik solutions and not get carried away with fake gyaan.

If you take a tour of any housing society, be it a high-rise or low-rise, there are high chances that you will see large patches of water seepage on the exterior walls. You will also come across wet patches in the interior walls of some of the apartments.

Why does this happen? Don’t the builders, contractors and owners take care of waterproofing? If they do, then what kind of waterproofing work is done? Don’t they use a professional waterproofing service?

These are the usual questions that come to mind. However, whenever it comes to repairs and waterproofing project, residents often end up having a clash of opinions, leading to conflict. This situation usually arises owing to budget issues and not understanding the significance of waterproofing.


Water – The worst enemy of buildings

The most determined enemy of a residential building is water. Left unchecked, moisture can quietly creep into the building and wreak havoc throughout, ruining the peace of mind of the residents.

Though water damage on the wall may not look or feel as dramatic, the damage caused by it can be immense, even long after the initial leak has been resolved.

Water leaks can result in moisture, damaged furniture and carpeting, staining of the ceiling or walls and structural issues.

It is important to give proper attention to the terrace and roof of every building since it is exposed to direct climatic variations that cause structural movements.

Every effort should be taken at the design stage itself to ensure that proper roof water damage solutions are in place for maximum protection.

Residents should always be on the lookout for rust and not ignore the warning signs as rust can bleed through concrete or other masonry building exteriors, quickly destroying the property and causing damage that can cost a fortune to repair.

Every resident needs to be on the same page about waterproofing. Instead of worrying about how much money will need to be spent on proper waterproofing, they should worry more about how improper or lack of waterproofing can cost them heavily in the long run.

Waterproofing failures happen due to blatant disregard of most of the waterproofing principles and going ahead with fake gyaan given by local waterproofing services that rely mostly on guesswork and quick fixes.

Wrong techniques, short-term treatment without proper diagnosis, low rates, poor quality materials and unskilled workers result in a bad job of waterproofing, leading to subsequent failure to protect the building.

Who would want to keep a bucket to catch water dripping through a ceiling, or deal with incessantly recurring mould and mildew that occur due to water infiltration and dampness? The answer is obvious.

Apart from this, water leaking into a building can make the structure an uncomfortable place to live in. In addition to making the walls look hideous, dampness also poses health risks to residents.

Damp is a silent killer. Moisture and humidity are considered uninvited as well as unwanted guests which cause huge damage to inhabitants. When moisture finds its way to enter your walls and ceilings, it leads to the growth of mould and mildew. This in turn creates spores that get projected into the air, and when one breathes in, these spores travel straight to the lungs, causing severe health problems.

What makes Berger Home Shield an ideal solution for building waterproofing repairs?

We, at Berger Paints India, strive to come up with innovative and relevant technology in our quest to deliver only the best to our customers. We use the Moisture Meter, which is a specially designed device to measure moisture content in the wall.

This device can easily detect moisture trapped in walls, concrete floors and ceilings, which could be due to leaking roof, rainwater or underground seepage.

Moisture Meter’s scientific and accurate diagnosis helps evaluate the damage caused by dampness so that you can take appropriate steps to waterproof the building and homes.

waterproofing solution

Protection from wall leakages

Water leakage from the walls can lead to furniture damage, carpet damage, structural problems and moisture stains on the ceiling and walls.

Berger Home Shield tackles wall water leakage with scientific as well as customised solutions.

Safety of the inhabitants:

Without proper or lack of waterproofing, the whole building can be impacted, making it unsafe for its residents.

Berger Home Shield contributes to a safe living space, thanks to its effective solutions.

Strengthens the structure of the building‍

With time, water seepage can erode a building’s components, compromising its structure and making expensive repairs a necessity and not an option.

Berger Home Shield Waterproofing Solutions help extend the lifespan of a building by limiting any moisture that may intrude and cause rust, rotting and corrosion on the property.

Provides a healthier environment:

Wall waterproofing & wall treatment helps create a clean and healthy space that is well-maintained and protected from the harsh elements of nature.

Protects from mould and fungus:

Mould growth and fungus can lead to allergies and health issues such as asthma, chest congestion and a weakened immunity.

Berger Home Shield tackles the issue of mould and fungus growth by resolving wall dampness issues.

Reduces maintenance costs and increases property value:‍

Quality waterproofing if done right the first time can safeguard the property from damage caused by wall leakage and dampness, and limit the need for costly repairs or maintenance.

Thanks to Berger Home Shield, one can rest assured that the property will be free from any wall water damage, which can negatively impact the resale price.


To wrap up, you cannot turn a blind eye to the waterproofing problems plaguing your building. Immediate action now can save many thousands in repair costs later on for all the residents.

Consider what wall and roof waterproofing can do to help the structural integrity and safety of your building.

To discuss your project requirements, get in touch with us today and ensure the long-term vitality of your property with our science-backed solutions:

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