Peach coloured walls

If you’re bored of playing it safe with simple wall colours, you will find plenty of inspiration here to incorporate pops of colour into your space!

With a new year comes a new crop of colour trends that will define what hues will rule the world of fashion, food and home decor. And these trending wall colour combinations will give you fresh inspiration and insight to give your home a new look.

If you’re thinking of taking up a home makeover project in the coming year, we have rounded up our favourite wall colour combinations that will set the tone right for 2022 and even beyond.

It is time to dive into the colour trends of 2022! Discover these bold, stunning and balanced home paint colour combinations for your space:

Blue and Brown

Blue and brown wall colour combination

Blue and brown colour combination is always a win. In this studio, you can see how smartly the colours differentiate two different functions of the space, the living room and kitchen area.

Peach, Blue and Olive Green

Peach, Blue and olive green wall colour combination

Blue and olive green add an element of calmness and serenity with various shades of peach in this great bedroom. Peach makes for a playful, pastel accent colour and when paired with nature-inspired hues like blue and green, it can instantly transform your home with a refreshing and cheerful quality. The wooden flooring and abundance of natural light cast a glow throughout the room.

Marigold and Greige

Marigold and greige wall colour combination

Marigold can almost be too cheerful. But paired with a neutral grey-beige, also known as greige, this colour combination is softer and mellower. It still boasts the bright energy you would expect from a yellow-orange colour scheme, but the neutral tones add more intrigue and sophistication than a simple white wall.

Sage and Terracotta

Sage and terracotta wall colour combination

A super warm terracotta will balance out a cooler sage colour combination. It is perfect for a beach bungalow or if you want to channel a vacation vibe in your house.

Royal Blue and Tangerine

Tangerine and blue wall colour combination

Feeling bold? With its royal blue and tangerine walls, this living room is a great example of how bold colours can actually work well together. Blue adds coolness whereas tangerine brings warmth, making it a showstopping wall paint colour combination.

Butter Yellow and Mint

Butter yellow and mint wall colour combination

With its cheerful energy, surprising versatility and freshness, mint green makes for a great wall colour. But when paired with a pastel butter yellow, you can create a perfect colour story. The contrast that these two shades provide when paired together introduces a touch of personality and luxury to the space.

If you’re feeling inspired by these colour combinations, call our Express Painting experts to help make your home painting plans come to life. To contact our painting professionals, SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 or call now on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030.

Here’s wishing you a colourful New Year 2022!

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