Berger Home Shield Services

Read this blog to know things you probably are not aware about Berger Homeshield waterproofing solutions.

  1. Scientific Solutions – No Fake Gyaan, Only Vigyaan

Most often people get duped by temporary solutions and fake ‘gyaan’ associated with interior wall painting and home waterproofing.

However, when you choose Berger Homeshield, it is backed by scientific and long-lasting home waterproofing solutions. There is no room for guessing games! Only accurate diagnosis.

  1. Trained Experts – Only Professionalism

Just like home painting, our professionals carry out the task of waterproofing properly as they have the right skill set and attitude required for a long-lasting and thorough waterproofing job.

  1. Homeshield Moisture Meter – No Guesswork

Moisture Meter

Similar to a thermometer that detects whether you have a fever or not, the Homeshield Moisture Meter detects how well the walls of your home are doing.

It quickly scans large surfaces of walls and roofs, detecting the level of moisture present in them. This comes in handy as it is crucial to find the source of dampness when it comes to damp walls.

Our team prescribes the right waterproofing treatment after analysing the reading on the device.

  1. Warrantied Solutions – For Your Peace of Mind

Home Water Leakage

You do not have to pay the price of damage caused by rains on your home walls and roof. Our waterproofing solutions are underpinned by meaningful warranties, giving you one less thing to worry about.

  1. Summers – Best Time To Waterproof

There is always a litany of questions when it comes to waterproofing, especially about when to get it done. Our experts say that the best time for waterproofing is before the rains!

The logic behind this is that higher temperatures allow for the waterproofing to dry and cure more quickly.

  1. Not Just For Walls And Roofs

It is important to waterproof your home walls and roof to maintain their structural integrity for years to come. The same goes for your home’s terrace. To know more about the topic, you can give this blog a quick read: Click here.

However, that’s not all. If you thought waterproofing was only for the walls, roofs and terraces, think again! We carry out swimming pool and water tank waterproofing too because we know that leaks in both these structures can lead to seepage problems in adjoining walls and structures.

  1. Complete Solution – From Consultation to Waterproofing

We believe in working towards a waterproofing solution that meets all of your protection, safety as well as aesthetic needs. Get us involved from the start of your project and we will help you get rid of all your waterproofing woes.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know more about our Homeshield service, do not delay. We have the appropriate products, right from waterproof putty to damp proof paint to tackle seepage and leakage damage. That’s not all – the products are Green Pro certified, validating our effort in striving towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.

In the hands of our professional team, you won’t have to worry about the output and timely completion of the project.

Contact us today and get ready to welcome the rains without any worries!

SMS HS to 56767 or click here.


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