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We, at Berger Paints India, have always kept a finger on the pulse of our customers. We have anticipated our customers’ needs, gathering from collective feedback to deliver a memorable experience. This, in turn, has helped us evolve over the years. We are constantly growing and spreading our wings in a continuously changing marketing landscape to keep up with the times.

Evaluating the current situation where safety and hygiene are of paramount importance, we feel there would be no better time than now to introduce the upgraded version of Express Painting which is faster, cleaner and safer in every sense. Complying with the government guidelines, we have implemented a strict set of safety standards that will ensure the health and safety of our customers as well as our painter community.

Since the Express Painting App launch was already in the pipeline, we thought that there was no better time than now to make it available to our customers. The interface is appealing, easy to navigate and seamless, to give you a memorable and hassle-free customer experience. For the first time ever, you can browse, book and pay in a few clicks for any home painting-related service you want, straight from the comforts of your home. Once a painter is assigned to your house for the painting service, you can even check his daily temperature and symptoms on the Express Painting App.

The Express Painting App is zero contact, paperless and cashless for quotations and invoices, keeping in mind the safety of those involved in the transaction.

Earlier, redecorating, remodelling and painting were looked as a challenge, with most individuals struggling to get their home wall painting project right. This app takes care of every home-painting related challenge that individuals face without compromising on the safety aspect.

Dive right in to know how to navigate and make the most of this app.

Get started through the Create a Profile section

Register your mobile number and enter the OTP you receive on it. Creating a profile gives you access to your past records, if any, and for future reference of your painting-related projects.

Stay on track through the My Projects section

You can view your projects under View Projects, which is divided into two categories namely Current and Past. You can start a new project by placing a request by clicking on Book a service button. Once you click on it, you need to fill required details in the form regarding the service you want, be it fresh painting or re-painting. Click on Submit button once you have entered all the necessary details.

An XP Customer Executive will be assigned to your home. He will do a site recce as per your convenience. Rest assured, he will take all preventative safety and hygiene measures to ensure your well-being.

Finding products made easy with the handy Product Finder

Under Product Finder, as the name suggests, there are product categories classified as exteriors, metal finishes, wood finishes, glass finishes, undercoats, waterproofing solutions and exterior textures that Berger Paints India offers. You can explore the offerings and read about the product benefits in this section before you finalise which suits your needs the best.

Get inspired through the Shade Cards

Under Shade Cards, you can browse through the Interior and Exterior collection. You can also explore the best colour combinations for interior and exterior walls in this section. Berger Paints India has designed the Glamor Colour combination that showcases various combinations under Berger Silk Glamor range. You can also download and view stunning designer finishes from Berger Silk Illusion range and the collection under Berger Easy Clean stencils. There are options galore, when it comes to choosing shades, textures and stencils.

Choose the right wall colour with Colour Catalogue

Under the Colour Catalogue, you can explore various colour schemes and its variants such as Pastels, Intermediate, Dark and Accent. For easy selection, you can search by shade code or name of the colour as well.
If you are planning on wall painting from scratch by treating your walls as a blank canvas, it would be a good idea to choose paint colours before buying furniture that complements it. However, if you are revamping your existing home according to the furniture and decor around the room, you can derive ample inspiration from what you already have. It could be the statement pieces in your home such as an antique table or chair, an accent rug or a striking wall painting that you love.

Consider the mood you want to set throughout your home. The colour wheel can come in handy. Understand it well while deciding on the wall colours.


In the FAQs section of the app, you can get answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the Express Painting service, all in one place.


You can resolve your queries or complaints with regards to any service you have availed through the Express Painting App. Simply fill the details in the form with a brief description of what your concern is and click on the Submit button. A representative from Berger’s team will reach out to you to address your issues.

The Express Painting App is available on the App Store and Google Play.

To conclude, you can get all the support you need to give a magical transformation to your home using colours. This app is literally on your fingertips now! What are you waiting for? Start browsing!

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