Is your building an eye sore rather than a sight for sore eyes due to damp walls and peeling paint? Read on to know how proper waterproofing can help tackle this issue!

A building is an important asset involving a large investment. However, the lifespan of a building is governed by several natural factors such as air, water, climate, wind and humidity. This is why it is crucial to address the issues that keep the buildings unsafe and unhealthy, and implement the right measures and solutions.

To create a strong foundation for the building and prevent unwanted water penetrations, waterproofing is the most critical activity that needs to be undertaken during the construction stage itself. Every effort should be taken at this stage to ensure that effective treatment is carried out. No shortcuts allowed! In addition to this, it is equally important to acknowledge the importance of waterproofing maintenance services for buildings to avoid costly repairs in the future. Berger Homeshield has scientific waterproofing solutions with advanced waterproofing products for both new constructions as well as old constructions to ensure excellent structural durability.

If you are an architect, it is your moral responsibility to integrate a robust waterproofing plan in your building design. For new homeowners, it is best to speak to the architect/builder about waterproofing and implement proper waterproofing solutions in order to avert frequent leakages, enhance structural integrity and prevent costly repairs in the times ahead. Existing homeowners should opt for waterproofing to prevent damaged interiors, repetitive repairs and avoid health issues due to poor waterproofing.

Challenges Faced by Residents


Common Problems: We understand that nothing is worse than the roof leaking when one is enjoying a steaming cuppa coffee or spending quality time with their family at home!

Roof is the most prone to water damage as it is always exposed to harsh weather conditions. The terrace surface tends to accumulate rainwater, which in due course permeates into the house. Over the course of time, the surface deterioration increases, causing more damage.

To solve this issue permanently, one needs effective roof leakage solutions.

Exterior and Interior Walls
Wall Dampness issue | Berger Paints

Common Problems: The external foundation is a critical part of the home. External walls of the building are exposed to rough weather conditions such as the rains, scorching sun, winds and so on. These challenges are also faced by the interior walls of houses. The interior walls also tend to get chipped and flaked due to constant water seepage, especially in areas near the kitchen and bathrooms or by harmful rays of the sun that might seep in through the windows, spoiling the overall aesthetics.

The Role of Waterproofing

From the point of view of its inhabitants, building waterproofing is important because –

  • It protects the structure from damage, both aesthetically and structurally.
  • It keeps the building dry and reduces internal humidity, making the building more comfortable to live in.
  • It protects property inside the building from damage that results from water vapour and humidity.
  • If one ever has plans to sell his/her home, it would be easier selling it without lowering a cent as the property would look safe and appealing to potential buyers.

Berger Homeshield – The Scientific Solution

Early detection and quick prevention can help when it comes to maintenance of buildings. Know that the objective of roof waterproofing and wall waterproofing is to prevent as much water as possible from entering the building. Also, be aware that insufficient or improper waterproofing can be a problem year-round, not just during the monsoons.

A proven solution for all your waterproofing problems is Berger Homeshield. Be rest assured that all your building waterproofing needs will be taken care of through our range of products. The products target specific and critical areas of waterproofing such as roofs, exterior walls, interior walls and so on. We only believe in scientific waterproofing solution and follow – ‘No gyaan, only vigyaan’ mantra. Our team uses Homeshield Moisture Meter that helps eliminate guesswork, easily detecting moisture trapped in walls and roofs, which could be due to leaking roof, rainwater or seepage.

You can get in touch with our waterproofing experts for the right advice, diagnosis and services for waterproofing of new and old building and constructions. SMS ‘HS’ or click here:

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  1. painter in jaipur says: October 14, 2021 at 7:43 am

    I have read this article. This is very knowledgeable for house paint and gives a piece of new information and gives a little knowledge which was ignored always. Thanks a lot for this information.

    1. admin says: October 18, 2021 at 8:03 pm

      Thank you for writing to us! We are happy to know this article proved useful to you. Keep checking this space for more such useful and interesting blogs on home improvement and easy-to-implement decor ideas.

  2. Alice Carroll says: November 3, 2021 at 10:50 am

    It’s good to know that waterproofing services can also help in reducing humidity inside a building. I’d like to get waterproofing services soon because there are times when rainy days can get a bit overbearing in my local area. I’d like to make sure that my commercial property investments will be safe from them at all times.

    1. admin says: November 10, 2021 at 10:27 am

      Hello Alice Carroll. Glad to know that you found our blog useful. You can read our other waterproofing blogs to learn and gain more insights!

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