Your exterior walls deserve the ultimate protection from the elements. Find out how you can safeguard it.

As we step into the new year, what better way to embrace change and positivity than by giving your home a vibrant exterior wall makeover? Your home’s exterior walls are the first thing guests and passers-by notice, and Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo exterior wall paint is the perfect solution to elevate your home’s aesthetic while ensuring lasting protection against the elements. It is time to breathe fresh life into your surroundings and embrace the positive transformations that come with it. Imagine looking at a home exterior that radiates energy and optimism, setting the tone for the possibilities the New Year holds.

Discovering Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo

Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo exterior emulsion is not just the best paint for walls; it’s a transformative solution designed for exterior surfaces. With its advanced formulation with PU and Silicon technology and a spectrum of appealing colours, this emulsion ensures that your home stands out with style and durability.

A Palette for Every Ambiance

Bid farewell to mundane exteriors with Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo’s extensive range of colours. Whether you fancy a traditional, elegant look or a bold, contemporary statement, the palette caters to diverse tastes. Imagine a warm terracotta or a cool blue – the possibilities are endless, allowing you to set the mood for a brand-new year.

Weather-Resistant Shield

The new year often brings unpredictable weather patterns, but with Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo, your home is fortified against the elements. Engineered to remove dust, heavy rains, and everything in between, this exterior emulsion ensures that your home remains an epitome of beauty, no matter what weather challenges come its way.

Versatility For Various Surfaces

Every home is unique, and so are its exterior surfaces. Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo exterior emulsion boasts flexibility that allows it to seamlessly adhere to different surfaces – be it exterior plastered surfaces, concrete blocks or asbestos.

The Berger Advantage

Berger Paints India, with a legacy spanning a century, has earned the trust of homeowners and professionals alike. Opting for Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo exterior emulsion for your home transformation this year comes with several advantages. Keep reading!

Enduring Beauty

Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo exterior emulsion is crafted for longevity. It has superior dust repellent property and preserves the newly-painted look of the house for a longer time. This emulsion creates a robust shield that ensures your home looks as stunning as the day it was painted, year after year.

Eco-Friendly Choice

As we enter a new year, the importance of environmentally conscious choices cannot be overstated. Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo exterior emulsion has no added lead, mercury and chromium, making it a responsible choice for your home and the environment. Begin the New Year on a green note with Berger’s commitment to sustainability.

Transformative Ideas For The New Year

Accentuating Architectural Charm

Enhance your home’s character by using contrasting colours to highlight architectural details. Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo exterior emulsion allows you to draw attention to features such as window frames, doors, and decorative elements, adding charm and sophistication effortlessly.

Creating A Striking Entryway

Make a bold statement right from the entrance. Choose a vibrant colour for your front door and complement it with shades that enhance the adjacent walls. Your entryway sets the tone for the entire home – let it reflect your style and optimism for the year ahead.

Harmonising With Nature

If you have a garden or green space around your home, consider blending your exterior walls with nature. Earthy tones like olive green or warm beige can seamlessly connect your home to its surroundings, creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere.


As you embrace the dawn of a new year, envision a home that radiates your aspirations, style, and resilience. Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo exterior emulsion is not just paint; it’s a promise of enduring beauty and protection for your home’s exterior.

This New Year, let your home stand as a testament to the vibrant, durable, and stunning possibilities that Berger WeatherCoat Long Life Flexo exterior emulsion brings to your exterior walls.

Contact Berger Express Painting experts for a professional painting service and add this emulsion to the exterior walls of your home. The even application by our professionals enhances the overall aesthetic appeal, and the quality of the finish reflects positively on the care and attention you invest in your home.

To reiterate, the beginning of a new year often prompts reflection and a desire for positive change. It’s a symbolic time when people look forward to a fresh start, setting resolutions and envisioning a better version of themselves. Similarly, extending this spirit of renewal to your living space through a wall upgrade is a tangible expression of your commitment to growth, positive transformation, and the creation of a home that resonates with the optimism that a new year brings.

Are you ready for a new year, a new look, and a fresh start? If yes, connect with Berger Express Painting experts for a professional touch! You can simply SMS XP to 56767 or call 1800 103 6030. Cheers to a colourful and fabulous start to the year!

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