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By simply following these tips, you can enhance the life of your paint job. Read on!

Home painting is a great way to add shine and sparkle to your home. However, painting the home walls is a long, tedious task. All of us want our paint job to last as long as possible. Using good quality materials, coupled with the right painting techniques and expertise, regular upkeep and maintenance and waterproof home walls is an effective way to ensure the beauty of the paint lasts longer. It is also important to pay attention to the health of the walls since it plays a big role in increasing the lifespan of the paint. To sort you out, here’s a handy guide from our experts to enhance the life of your walls and paint:

Fix all dampness issues

The first step before any paint job should be checking on the health of the walls. Look for any signs of dampness in the walls. Water can easily penetrate from the external walls to the internal walls if a robust waterproofing system is not applied. This can result in damp patches, paint peeling and the appearance of fungus and/or mould. To save costs and time, some people might skip the step of waterproofing and just paint over dampness issues. However, the dampness will most likely seep through the new paint and cause more damage to the wall. Before you begin painting, check for any cracks near the edges of the roof and especially near water reservoirs. Identify and rectify the water dampness with Berger Home Shield solutions. If you see no visible signs of dampness, it is still advisable to get the Moisture Meter reading to identify any future threats and deal with them before they cause damage.

Prep the surface

waterproof home walls

Fix all holes, cracks and uneven surfaces by applying Plaster of Paris. Use primer on the walls to provide a solid base to strongly bind the colour applied. The primer also helps paint stick to the walls and increases the life of the paint. Make sure the painter sands the walls properly and the walls are scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly. The walls should be even and clear of any blemishes before you begin painting for a clean, uniformed finish.

Use best quality paints

Do not compromise on the paint quality to cut down costs. After all, painting your house is not something you want to do every other year. For exterior walls, opt for paints that offer a warranty, like Berger WeatherCoat Long Life 10 that comes with 10-year performance warranty. It also comes with additional benefits like protection from fungal growth, fading and extreme weather conditions.

Regular maintenance matters

Express Painting experts

Keep the wall clean and free from any dust/dirt and fungal infestation. Clean it regularly with a damp microfiber cloth and then wipe it dry. If there is any fungus on the wall, scrub the area with a soft brush using the solution of vinegar, baking soda and water mixed in the ratio of 1:1:5 and then wipe it dry. Be careful with this step, if the paint used is of interior quality, it might fade. Good quality paints, even if more expensive, will last longer.

Between weather changes and normal wear and tear, your home’s interiors and exteriors will need to be painted every seven to ten years. By following the outlined tips above, you can ensure your paint job looks like new for years to come! If home painting is on your mind, speak to our Express Painting experts, call 1800 103 6030 (Toll Free number) or SMS ‘XP’ to 56767.

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