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If you have browsed Pinterest or Instagram recently and ‘trendy home décor’ is on your list of interests, you must have definitely stumbled upon all white Scandinavian style home décor. An all-time favourite for interior designers and architects alike, a coat of white paint can be the most striking and versatile backdrop. While the naysayers might say decorating with white is boring and drab, we think it is far from the truth. White is a vibrant colour that offers an endless number of decorating possibilities.

A white room sets the stage for minimalistic design, keeps dull spaces looking fresh and blends perfectly with both modern and traditional styles.

However, is white a practical colour choice for Indian homes where dust and dirt can be a major concern? While most of us have grown up with beige or light yellow walls, white has always been thought of as high maintenance. However, with proper guidance and easy to follow tips, keeping your white walls looking like new doesn’t have to be tricky. Follow our guide on keeping your white walls clean with these tips.

Tip #1: Choose easy to wash paint

Easy Clean Paint

If you’ve decided to get your walls painted in white, opt for washable paints that are easy to clean. This saves you the cost and pain of having to get them painted every year. Berger Paints Easy Clean wall paint features a unique formula that gives your walls a rich luxurious finish for an aesthetic appeal. It is backed by Cross-Linking Polymers so that even the most stubborn stains can be easily wiped off your serene white walls.

Tip #2: Remove stains as soon as they appear

Baby’s drawing crayon color on wall

No matter how careful you are to avoid wall stains, they are inevitable. Be it food stains, hand marks or scribbles and drawings left behind by kids. Stains can be more prominent on plain white walls. And the longer the stain stays on, the more difficult it gets to remove them. To ensure the stain doesn’t leave behind a permanent mark on your paint, ensure that you clean it before it dries off.

If you are wondering how different stains can be removed from your white walls, read tips from our experts here:

Tip #3: Position the furniture away from the walls

Wall with furniture décor

If you’ve ever left your furniture too close to your walls, you sure would have noticed the paint peeling or the edges of the furniture leaving behind unsightly marks. To avoid any marring on your white walls, ensure that you leave at least a couple of inches of space between the walls and the furniture. This will also help to keep the space clean and tidy.

Tip #4: Dust and clean your walls regularly

Clean White Wall Image

Schedule regular dusting for your white walls to keep them in a pristine condition. While most people dust their furniture and flooring, walls are often overlooked. Dust can accommodate over time and may even cause dust mites, which can lead to allergies and other respiratory conditions. Once a year, give your white walls a wash. Use a damp cloth and wipe from bottom to the top.A white kitchen requires extra care, ensure you leave some space between the stovetop and the walls- the grease and grime from cooking with oil can ruin the walls. Invest in a chimney for your white kitchen to reduce the dirt deposition on your walls. If you are painting your exterior walls all-white, use a good dust free paint like Berger Paints WeatherCoat Anti Dustt. The paint does not let dust settle on your exterior walls that allows you to set the right foundation for easy maintenance and cleaning later.

Tip #5: Keep an eye on high traffic areas

Interior Wall Design

Not just hands, but even leaning against the walls can help dirt and sweat from your hair and body gather on the wall. And since sweat and dirt stick very easily, you need to keep an eye on high traffic areas where people are likely to touch or lean on. Pay close attention to areas like near doorknobs, electric switches, smoking pots, wherever hands or/and head touches the wall. If the crown of your head touches the white wall on the bed or couch, move the furniture a little bit farther or simply use a cushion. If you have indoor plants, ensure you keep them away from the walls and water them carefully since any spills or splatters can ruin the aesthetic appeal.

 Although white walls are very popular in the world of interior décor right now, they are far from being a new trend and this goes on to show how timeless they really are. Moreover, they serve as a great foundation since they pair well with pretty much any sort of home décor- be it bohemian, industrial, contemporary, traditional or Scandinavian. White is simple and sophisticated and it can give your room a crisp look that is fresh and at the same time very versatile.

Painting your walls white could add light, dimension and space to the room. With these maintenance tips up your sleeves, you are well equipped to keep your all-white walls looking new and pristine for years to come. If you are inspired to give your home a new look, contact Berger Express Painting experts today for a consultation, colour advice and hassle-free painting.

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