Berger Easy Clean Paint

Read this blog to know how you can have “no daag no dhabba” only beautiful walls!

Ever decided to sit in your living room with a nice cuppa joe only to trip on a stray cord or a furniture, making you spill the steaming beverage all over your home walls? Sounds familiar? Now wouldn’t it be awesome if your walls allowed you to wash away those coffee stains without a hassle?

Put an end to your woes with Berger Easy Clean, a washable wall paint that gives a rich luxurious finish backed by Cross-Linking Polymers which ensure that even stubborn stains can be cleaned easily from the wall, keeping your home looking spotless and beautiful day after day.

Cleaning instructions after painting your walls with Berger Easy Clean

  • For freshly painted walls, let the paint film dry properly for 4 weeks.
  • You can clean the stain on your walls using toilet soap.
  • If the stain is oil-based, use only mineral turpentine oil.
  • For cleaning, use only a soft white cotton cloth.
  • While cleaning, wipe gently without applying pressure on the surface.

Once you have done interior wall painting with Berger Easy Clean, you don’t have to worry about the surface getting spoilt by stubborn stains nor do you have to worry about repainting the walls after every stain. Once you have applied Berger Easy Clean to your walls, you can wash all your troubles away (literally)!

Easy Clean Home Walls

Additionally, thanks to Berger Easy Clean, you do not have to curb the creativity and expression of little ones in the house who tend to make the walls their canvas. You can give them a freehand and encourage their creative expeditions on the walls!

Unique Features Of Berger Easy Clean

High Washability

It has been observed that it is difficult to keep interior walls from getting messy, more so if there are naughty kids or pets in the house. When that happens, you may consider repainting your home. We recommend Berger Easy Clean as it is a long-term and smart investment, offering ultimate protection to your precious walls and keeping it looking fresh for years.

Elegant Appearance

It has a soft, velvety appearance, imparting a beautiful sheen to the walls. This makes the entire living space look visually appealing.

High Durability

The cross-linked polymers create a tough, non-porous film, which keeps the paint film intact even after multiple washes.


So, if you are thinking of home wall painting, be sure to check out Berger Easy Clean. If you have any other questions about this product or need information about our painting service, please contact us today to get started with your next home painting project.

 You can SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 or call up on 1800 103 6030, our toll-free number.

Thank you for reading. We hope you found this blog handy.

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