Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dust

Keep your home’s exteriors dust, algae and weather damage free with the help of dustproof paint. 

Dust is a part of the Indian landscape. Dust storms emanating from the Arabian Peninsula and Thar Desert areas are known causes of immense pollution in the Indo-Gangetic plains. The continuous infrastructure development in the country, in the form of construction of buildings, flyovers, roads, and residential amenities, also add dust to the environment. 

Dust settling on your exterior walls can erode the life of the paint. This is not only bad in terms of aesthetics, but dust along with water also creates black patches. Building a home in India is no mean feat, which is why every homeowner is determined to preserve its value.

Berger’s WeatherCoat Anti Dust Premium Exterior Emulsion is one of the most advanced offerings from the company, perfect for the Indian market. It is an excellent anti dust paint with a unique dust-guard technology that protects your exterior walls from dust accumulation, helping them look brand new for years. It also provides complete protection to your house from weather elements like heat, and rain.

A Versatile Paint That Adds Value To Your Home 

Available in over 2000 shades, Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dust is formulated with a special grade of acrylic emulsion and additives. It has special dust-repelling properties and is also resistant to flaking, chalking, fading, and fungal and algae growth. Compared to conventional exterior paint, WeatherCoat Anti Dust can increase the longevity of your wall paints and keep your house looking newly painted for years. Its rich soft sheen will only enhance the beauty of your house. The paint has high water-repellent property, along with best-in-class dirt repellence. The dust proof paint comes with a 5 years warranty and is Green Pro-Certified. 

Berger products are water-based and free of toxic elements like lead, mercury, and chromium to protect your family’s health. The Anti Dust paint can be easily applied on varied surfaces, including sand, asbestos, concrete block, brickwork, and cement plaster. Driving sustainability is a crucial part of the company’s agenda, and WeatherCoat Anti Dust is a testament to that fact.

Paint Your Exterior in Colourful Hues 

Choose shades in 8 colour schemes to keep your house dust proof and make it stand apart from others. Berger Paints brings to you the most extensive colour palette, where you will be spoilt for choice. Use the Virtual Painter to visualise the colour combinations for your exterior. 

Still not sure about the colour? Take a look at the company’s Preview Facility– Colour Studio; the simulation software that gives you the most accurate picture. You can test the colour combinations on actual photos of your home and make an informed decision.

A Revolutionary Painting Experience 

Best Painting Experience

You can take your home painting experience to the next level with Berger Express Painting service, where safety certified painters use modern tools and follow stringent Covid-19 safety protocols to do the task. Sanitized products will be delivered to your doorstep, and everything from invoicing to project tracking will be done digitally to maintain social distancing. 

Our painters will also disinfect your floors and clean up the spots and stains. If needed, they will provide a range of furniture and floor covers to protect your belongings during the process. In the end, you will have availed a completely hassle-free painting project where the highest safety protocols are adhered to, and your work is made easier. Berger provides the most expert painters to breathe life into its products. This means less time for completion, and no brush marks.

Process of Application

Our experts shall use the moisture meter to check whether the moisture content of the walls is below 12% or not.  The ideal pH level of the wall also has to be between 7 and 11.

  • The surface is prepared by scraping off all previous paint, dust, and debris. After wire brushing and scraping, the surface will be washed with water and left to dry.
  • One or two coats of Berger Bio-Wash solution will be applied and allowed to remain overnight.
  • The next day the wall is washed again and left to dry. One coat of primer is applied and left to dry for 6-8 hours.

The Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dust emulsion is then applied on the walls in the recommended dilution ratio. After the first coat, the wall has to be left to dry for 6-8 hours, before applying the second one. Then, the wall is left to dry overnight. The anti dust paint can be applied with a brush, roller, or spray.

If you wish, our consultants will also help you address structural issues like seepage, cracks, and leakage with Berger Paints HomeShield Range and Berger Seal-O-Prime undercoat paint.

The WeatherCoat Anti Dust Paint has been created for quality-conscious consumers, who want only the best for their homes and families. Before hiring our services, you can use the Berger Paint Calculator to get an estimate of your costs. Berger Paints is determined to provide the highest quality technologies to its consumers, keeping in mind their requirements and busy schedules. 

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