“It’s Time to Bleed Blue. Are You Ready?”

With yet another World Cup season, the cricket fever is gripping the entire nation once again. Die-hard Cricket fans across the country are cheering for Indian Cricket team and players not just at stadiums, but at homes, offices, bars, colleges and restaurants and everywhere possible.

Also, there are absolutely fanatic cricket disciples who think out-of-the-box to showcase their true love and loyalty towards the men sweating it out on the field for the pride of their nation. If you are one such admirer of the Indian Cricket Team and willing to do something extraordinary in sync with the exciting World Cup mood, we have got some truly amazing ideas for you.

Arrange Customised T-Shirts

Whether you plan to watch a World Cup match live or not, dress up as Indian team. You can easily order customised t-shirts with images of various players or Indian team logo on the internet. Or, you may simply buy t-shirts in Indian team’s colour.

It would be great if you form a group of family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, etc. who are fans of cricket and arrange customised t-shirts for all of them. Pose for some wonderful pictures wearing them and post them on your social media profiles for the world to know.

Shoot Fan Videos

Social media and mobile apps offer more than few opportunities to flaunt your affection for the Cricket stars. Make small fan videos with some great messages for the team players and post them on YouTube and other popular platforms.

If you know someone who imitates the style of a player, shoot a video with him or her. Another great idea would be to dress up like Indian team, organise a small match and record it. Post these amazing videos online and you would surely receive some great response.

Paint the Walls in World Cup Theme

If you had been postponing the need to paint your home, World Cup season is the right time to accomplish it and how. You can research about the favourite colours of your favourite team players or simply pick the colour of Indian Team.

Prefer choosing dust guard paints like Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt Paint for the exteriors so that your home shines the same way for many more World Cup seasons.

You may also look for some awesome interior and exterior wall decor tips based on Cricket theme. You can try these ideas in the bedroom room or on the wall facing study tables, as well. For example, how about painting the three stamps that you usually notice on the t-shirts of Indian players? It’s great to have those stamps in your living room so everyone knows your love for cricket.

Organise a Huge Display for Community Watching

 When it comes to cheering for India during this World Cup, there’s nothing better than having a group of Cricket lovers who have the same enthusiasm and love for Cricket. Arrange a huge display to watch the matches with your friends, colleagues and neighbours so everyone can feel the “Josh”.

If you are a student, you can also arrange the funds from your neighbourhood and believe me no one will think twice while funding your cause as World Cup is not going to happen in India so it’s going to be fun watching the live matches on a big screen with coke and snacks.

Buy Indian Team Merchandise

Apart from customised Cricket t-shirts, you may also look for Indian Team merchandise online which includes cups, pillow covers, calendars etc. with World Cup themes, logos, players and more. If you don’t find something good, you can place special orders with online personalised gift stores. Many local stores around you might also cater to the needs.

You may also think of gifting World Cup memorabilia to your loved ones on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. If you run an office, you may also present these items to your staff employees who would definitely love to receive them.

Organise Cricket Theme Parties

If you are a crazy Cricket fan, nothing should stop you from throwing parties with related themes. Here are some exciting ideas that you may use to make the party absolutely memorable:

  • Make Indian Team jerseys as the dress code for the party. It would be a great scene at the party if different guests appear in jerseys of their respectively favourite cricket players.
  • Create the right ambience that adds to the mood of World Cup. For example, decorate the venue with balloons in various colours inspired by Indian cricket team or the Indian flag. You may also choose flowers, table cloths and other items in these colours. Indian Cricket team posters can also be used.
  • Name various dishes inspired by the titles of different players. Dhoni Biryani or Captain’s Paav Bhaji are some of the ideas.
  • How about hiring some performers who would dress up as cheerleaders to entertain the guests?
  • Order a cake in the shape of a cricket stadium or ground.

Cricket World Cup season is indeed an exciting time of the year, keeping everyone in high spirits and bright moods. Berger Paints promises to add to your excitement with its arrays of superb interior wall paints and exterior wall protection colours. Let your refurbished home be the perfect host to your love for Cricket so that you enjoy this season in a much more thrilling way.

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