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The fifth wall of your home requires extra care and maintenance. Follow these tips to avoid troublesome leaky roofs come monsoon.

The roof is one section in buildings and constructions that requires a high level of maintenance, from regular inspection to roof waterproofing. They are subject to a lot of wear and tear and harsh weather conditions including winds, rain, sun and snow. And with tropical storms reported to get more frequent due to rising sea temperatures, we need to turn to solutions that help us build stronger and safer homes.

Once the roof starts to leak, it is difficult to find the source since it originates away from where the leak shows up. Once water passes the roofing, it flows along the sheathing, roof rafters or topside of the ceiling, until it finds a way to drip down – inevitably onto your favourite piece of furniture or expensive inventory/machinery in case of a factory or warehouse. If the house has a concealed wiring then roof leak can also cause a short circuit. Water leaking through the roof can easily make its way into the walls and be a cause of wall dampness and seepage issues. Bookmark these handy tips if you are looking for roof ground treatment to fix a leaky roof.

Roof Ground Treatment

How to fix a leaky roof:

  • Thorough inspection of the roof and ceiling should be done before monsoons and if you notice any signs of damage, get it inspected immediately.
  • Look for a roof leak during broad daylight. Step only on secure framing and never on the insulation or topside of the ceiling below. Don’t go onto a roof that is steep and has plastic sheeting (especially when it’s wet). Seek a professional’s help to avoid any accidents.
  • First try looking for the exact source of the leak. If the roof leak is small then look for black spots, mould or water stains.
  • If the roof does not have a proper drainage system or if the drainage is blocked, it can be a cause of a roof leak. So remember to inspect this and clean it before the start of monsoons.

Berger Home Shield

  • Water sometimes travels a distance from the leaking points before dropping through the roof so understanding the correct source of the problem can be problematic. The solution to this is to seek help from waterproofing experts from Berger Homeshield. The professionals use Moisture Meter, a device that accurately tells them the extent of water damage, helping them understand the origin of the leak.
  • When applying waterproofing treatment, always ensure that the surface is clean and dry. It is ideal to begin roof repair and waterproofing before the monsoon season starts since high humidity and rains can damper the effectiveness of the waterproofing solution.
  • Berger Homeshield PU RoofKoat and Weathercoat Roofguard are suitable for roof waterproofing. Depending on the extent of the damage, the waterproofing experts will prescribe the right products to plug in the dampness. No gyaan, only vigyaan, thanks to its scientific waterproofing approach.
  • Berger Homeshield waterproofing products are resistant to mould, mildew, microbes and UV rays. They are green pro certified and sustainable. Unique features like mechanical strength and self-priming make it the best-in-class waterproofing range available in the market today.


roof leakage solutions

Working on top of the roof can be dangerous. Unless the roof’s pitch is relatively low and you have the necessary experience, tools and confidence to get the roof fixed safely, you should leave the job to a professional. In this case, contact Berger Homeshield Waterproofing experts. To get in touch, SMS ‘HS’ to 56767 or click here:

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