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These office wall colours will make you more productive than your morning cuppa joe!

Countless books and guides have been written on boosting productivity at work. However, all along, you might have just needed the right shade of paint colour.

The environment at work can heavily influence your creativity, focus and energy. And since colours are proven to have a huge impact on moods and emotions, picking the right colour palette for the office is essential. When it comes to office interior colours, gone are the days of cold stark white minimalism. With statement-making colours making a comeback, more thought is being put in designing office spaces that are inviting with the focus being on increasing productivity and creativity.

However, how do you add beauty to what is, after all, a functional space? This is why choosing a successful office colour combination scheme is so vital. To further illustrate the many ways you can incorporate colour in office spaces, here are some tips and trending colour ideas from our experts:

Choosing The Right Paint For Your Office

Blue Office Walls

  • Consider staying on brand: In today’s world, it is important for companies to stay on brand and communicate their brand message or risk getting lost in a sea of competition. It is important to consider the brand’s colours when thinking of office painting ideas.
  • Choose healthy paints: When you choose an office paint, ensure that it has low VOCs. These are solvents in paint that get released after the paint dries and can cause headaches and dizziness, not something you want in an environment people spend extended periods of time in.
  • Consider the purpose of the space: Some colours work better in some industries and occupations than they do for others. For example, blue and white is a classic office wall colour combination for professional environments like banks and law offices.
  • What is the desired temperature of the space? Colours can either be warm or cold. Depending on this, you can either “warm up” a space by injecting it with hues of orange, yellow or red or “cool down” a space using blue or green.
  • The size of the space will help determine the right colours: If you have a small space, open it up with lighter colours. If you have an expansive space, to make it more intimate, use darker colours.

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The Different Moods of Colours

Green Office Walls

Green: Balance and growth

Since green signifies growth, the financial industry has embraced this colour and how, from branding to office wall paint colours and beyond. Fortunately, there are plenty of different hues of green so you can create a space that is distinct using a unique green or combining it with other shades.

Blue: Trustworthiness and calmness

There is a reason why blue is a common colour for businesses. This colour is closely associated with trustworthiness and reliability- attributes that all businesses want to showcase to their clients, shareholders and customers.

Blue also lends states of calm, relaxation and tranquility. If you work in an industry where employees are required to stay focused and on top of the game, choosing a shade of blue for office wall paint colour is a good choice.

Yellow: Creativity and positive vibes

Yellow is a stimulating colour that can not only brighten up dull spaces but also spur creativity and inspiration, which is why it is often used as an accent colour in offices wherein employees are required to think out of the box!

Orange: Playfulness and positive vibes

If warmth is what you want from an office paint colour ideas, then say no more- orange is the perfect candidate! A colour that is equal parts playful as it is comforting, making it a nice change from the cooler colours we see in traditional offices. This would be a great colour choice for a communal area or relaxed meeting area in your office.

Purple: Luxury and quality

Purple involves a mix of feelings often associated with blue and red, so it is a go-to colour in spaces where productivity and high energy are important.

If you work in the fashion industry and wish to add a touch of class and style to your office, use paints with various hues of purple.

White: Cleanliness and clarity

White can make a space look organised, clean, modern and efficient. Beige and off-white colours add softness to interiors. White is an extremely common colour in healthcare facilities, charitable organisations and government offices.

Black: Class and sophistication

Another great colour for an accent wall or intimate spaces in the office, a striking black adds extra depth to the space. It makes a powerful statement but somehow is relaxing at the same time!

Five Picks From Berger Colour Catalogue That Are Proven To Work For Offices

Warm Shawl (7P0341)

Warm Shawl Colour Combination

This is a great choice for an office due to its mellowing effect. It is not too brown but also not too plain and looks great when paired with wood and modern materials.

Inky Sea (5A0296)

Inky Sea Colour Combination

Blue is a go-to colour that sets the tone in the office. Blue is thought of as a peaceful, tranquil colour that is also associated with strength and smartness. If you want your office to inspire deep concentration and thoughts, Inky Sea is a clever choice.

High Hedge (7D1471)

High Hedge Colour Combination

Deep green is dramatic but also surprisingly warm and earthy. In a big office space, it is not a colour to use everywhere, but it is a great colour for a feature wall or a cosy meeting space. Green is stimulating for the mind, making it a perfect choice for a creative space.

Tropical Fruit (2T0628)

 Tropical Fruit Colour Combination

Perfect for pairing with modern office furniture, a dusty peach-orange is a soothing colour that is both timeless and full of life.

And while the colour is full of subtle personality, it pairs very well with terracotta, beige and white hues, as seen in the colour combinations palette above.

Water Willow (5P0297)

Water Willow Colour Combination

A soft lilac is a pretty colour that is soothing and refreshing. It has a comforting semblance, making it a good interior paint colour for an office reception area or cafeteria.

One of the biggest benefits of this colour is that it goes well with all furnishings, be it white, dark wood or light wood. The thing to remember here is to pair it with more gender-neutral styles to strike a perfect balance and keep the look from coming across as too feminine or saccharine.

Painting your office the right way!

Painting your office can be a huge time and money investment. So this isn’t a project you want to take up ever so often. Hence, it is best to let painting professionals like Berger Express Painting experts handle the job for you. They use automated tools for faster, on-time painting so you do not have to shut down your office doors for an extended time. Moreover, they provide post painting clean up and sanitisation services, leaving the office spick and span!

Contact our Express Painting experts for a free painting consultation and quotation today by sending an SMS ‘XP’ to 56767 or call on our toll-free number – 1800 103 6030.

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