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Painting your home exteriors can be an expensive affair. Find out what factors to consider before you shell out.

How much does it cost to get your home painted in 2021? Well, this is a loaded question since there are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration. Beyond the supplies, there is a lot of manual labour and skills to consider for the painting cost, current conditions of the walls and the paint, if it is fresh painting or repainting and the colour you choose.

Building painting is a significant investment that requires a lot of careful planning in order to get satisfactory results. If you are planning for exterior painting, the final cost will depend on factors such as the surface dimension (including length, breadth and height), how many litres of paint is required and the cost of labour.

What factors influence exterior painting cost estimation?

Type of paint

There are several types and categories of paints available in the market today, from budget to premium. Depending on the range and type of exterior paints you choose for your home, the end cost will differ. Similarly, if you wish to add more elements to your exterior painting, eg. waterproofing, textures, emulsions, it will impact the painting cost.

Properties of paint

If you live in a humid climate, you will require paints that can withstand high moisture conditions and protect walls from fungus and algae growth, something like Berger WeatherCoat Long Life 7 and 10. Similarly, if you live in a developing city, you will need paints that can protect your walls from dust, something like Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt. Depending on the properties of the paint you choose for your exterior work, your painting cost is likely to increase or decrease. It is advisable to choose paints that are best suited for your geography and climate and not cut costs here which can end up costing a lot more in the long run.

Paint colour choice

The colours you choose can alter the price of the paint job. Some shades require more coats whereas some require fewer. If you choose a light colour over existing dark paint, the cost is likely to go up.

Size of your home

Exterior paint charges will mainly be dependent on the size of your home. More surface area to be painted means higher the painting cost.

Prep work required

The amount of prep work required for your exterior painting will influence the painting quotation as some exteriors require more cleaning, waterproofing and/or leveling.

Detailing required

The amount of detailing required will influence the painting cost too. For example, if the building/house has many windows and trims or any other extensive detailing, it will increase the labour and paint required, which in turn will increase the cost.

In order to get the most accurate quote for exterior painting, our Express Painting experts recommend being extremely detailed in your description and speak to your painter about:

  • Square meters of the surface to be painted
  • The total number of floors
  • Current wall/paint condition
  • Preferred paint colours
  • If any detailing/texture work is required
  • If there are any access issues
  • If any additional surfaces need painting apart from the wall (eg: facade, windows, doors etc.)
  • If the surface is mouldy/uneven
  • If there are any leakage or water seepage issues

To check the approximate amount of paint required for your exterior painting, use our handy Paint Calculator. Click here to calculate.


Since there are so many parameters to verify for a final quotation on the painting amount, we recommend getting your walls checked by our experts for an accurate quotation.

Our Express Painting service can include the cost of paint, labour and materials in your order for an all-inclusive solution. During the consultation, we measure the walls using our digital device, check for moisture content in the wall using Moisture Meter and give you the most accurate quotation for exterior painting. And if you’re looking for exterior house painting ideas, our colour experts can suggest the best colour combinations and ideas for stunning exterior makeovers.

To book a consultation with us, click here.

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