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Preparing to refurbish your house may be fascinating. Whether it involves creating a Pinterest board, contrasting paint samples, or scouring furniture marketplaces for the ideal dining room chandelier. While you may have a clear vision of changing your living environment, putting this concept into practice may be stressful and daunting.

There’s a reasonable probability that you’ll undertake a renovation or remodeling project if you want to raise the worth of your home in preparation for a sale.

Consequently, you will have a lot of factors to think about, not the least of which are locating a contractor and controlling expenditures.

We’re here to assist. We consulted some of our most reliable remodelling experts. We searched our archives to compile this comprehensive list of practical home remodelling recommendations for every space.

In addition, we’ve produced a list of home improvement advice, suggestions, and mistakes to avoid.

Signs That Your Old House Needs Renovation

Cracks on walls

Wall Cracking Solution

Before you realize how serious a crack is, it may be months or even years. These cracks are also likely caused by aging or structural damage to your home’s foundation. Even though it’s likely that they are only surface cracks that may be repaired with a bit of plaster and paint. Damage to structures may take many different forms. Different ones are more or less severe. Therefore, timely Remodelling would benefit you in such circumstances.

Damping on walls

The lack of a damp-proof course in many older homes can lead to rising dampness. Penetrating dampness from damaged materials can reach dry places, and problems like wet or dry rot can occur. The significant difficulty with these difficulties is not so much that they exist but need to be more frequently understood. To accurately detect and comprehend the damp problems in an ancient building, you need to consult a specialist at an early stage.

Leaking Roofs

Most homeowners typically overlook roof leaks when they occur, perhaps because they seem innocuous or out of fear of spending the time and money to replace the roof. A single leak clearly indicates that your roof needs to be renovated. It can imply that the roof is damaged and tattered.

Dull paints

Damaged wall paint might occasionally make your house look unkempt. You must, however, make the first move and decide whether to renovate an old home. So that it stops seeming outdated. While dull wall paint is an unanticipated issue in an older house. However, persistent exposure to numerous exterior contaminants can harm wall paints. These consist of dirt, chemicals, and sunshine. If you notice that walls are fading, repainting them is an excellent option.

Termite infestation

Nobody wants bugs and insects in their houses. Still, if you have, they are probably trying to inform you that it’s time for renovations. If poor-quality materials are utilized to build a home, vermin and insects invade it. They could, however, also point to a home that is ageing and failing in certain areas. It could also indicate that you have some filthy, dirty spots in your house that require cleaning.

Top Ideas For Your House Renovation

Let’s focus on some services and suggestions for house remodeling that might help you make the most of your available space. This will enable you to choose wisely among the countless design possibilities that are now accessible.

Hire a good interior designer/Contractor

You can hire a contractor even if money is an issue or the project is small. Selecting an interior designer will be a better choice if you are considering a remodel and money is not an issue because it will meet your needs. We at Berger Paints will ensure the best 

Choose bright colours for Interior

Bright colour brightens up any space in your house, especially public spaces like the living or dining room. Yellow is one colour, in particular, that may be used on practically anything and any place!

Buy good quality items for Remodelling

You likely already know that it is essential to get high-quality materials from reputable suppliers to renovate your home. Using suitable components will make your home last for many generations.

Have a clear vision for Remodelling

Before diving headfirst into a bathroom or kitchen renovation project, consider your vision and objectives. Lack of concentration can result in uncertainty, excessive spending, project delays, and disappointing outcomes.

Budget Allocation for Remodelling

Home renovation is a complex task. In the excitement, you frequently forget to allocate or estimate a budget and operate by it. The secret to successfully managing a home remodeling is clearly defining deadlines and arranging the fine details from the beginning.

Most Popular Home Spaces To Renovation- Tips

Understandably, renovation and do-it-yourself projects continue to soar after living at home for more than a year. Many of us have been trying to make our homes perfect, from paint jobs to kitchen upgrades. Here are some suggestions for updating the Most Popular Home Spaces-

Interior Designing

Every expert who works in the field of interior design has to be aware of a few key ideas and components to produce a room that is both unified and fashionable. Symmetry, balance, cadence, ratio and magnitude, focus, diversity, and details are the seven central tenets of interior design. Any area in your house, from the living room to the bathroom, can be decorated using these ideas. Anyone will be able to assemble a space that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing if they comprehend these fundamental ideas.

Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchens are a place for family dinners, coziness, and oneness – a place for gathering and enjoyment. Modern design improvements have made a kitchen attractive and valuable, establishing a balance of colour, texture, and lighting that transforms the kitchen into a haven for relaxation. Use these remodeling elements for the kitchen to create a room that is convenient for working in and pleasant to live in.

Bathroom Renovation

There are many beautiful designs for bathroom renovations in magazines and on the internet. Which one is best for you, then? We’ve reduced it to the most important ones. To plan for a successful bathroom makeover, continue reading.

  • Select the bathroom type.
  • Make a floor plan for the bathroom.
  • Think about lighting.
  • Remember to ventilate.
  • Add a touch of elegance.

Living Room Renovations

If you need to know where to begin with your living room remodelling, use the ideas above to get inspired and discover more about your options.

  • Think About Your Lifestyle.
  • Find out what your living room needs are.
  • Establish a focal point.
  • Refinishing floors

Bedroom Remodeling

The first step in remodeling your bedroom is to clearly define what you want. Here are some great suggestions to assist you.

  1. Use Colour Creatively
  2. Enhance Lighting
  3. Renovate the Floor
  4. Modify the décor
  5. Repositioning the Art.

Ideas For Remodeling a House- Berger Paints

painting images

When you say “house renovation,” many people immediately think “, it is too pricey.” However, Berger can help you redesign your spaces without breaking the bank. Here are some excellent suggestions for a modest house renovation.

Berger WaterProofing solution

Our waterproofing specialists examine the area and evaluate the issues using useful instruments like the Homeshield Moisture Meter to find dampness on any surface, including the roof, bathroom, kitchen, ceiling, interior, or external walls. Appropriate waterproofing goods are utilized based on which scientific wall and roof waterproofing solutions are best for you.

Berger Products

Look no further if you’re seeking the best online remodeling service. Berger is an expert in all areas of house remodeling. With these Berger products, renovate without hassles:

  • Product Finder.
  • Interior Wall Coatings.
  • Exterior Wall Coatings.
  • Do It Yourself (DIY).
  • Exterior Textures.
  • Metal Finishes.
  • Wood Finishes.
  • Undercoats.
  • Waterproofing Solutions.

Exterior Wall Coating 

Refrain from accepting inferior exterior wall paints. Make the exterior of your home appear stunning by selecting from various tough exterior emulsions from Berger Paints India, including WeatherCoat Long Life 10, WeatherCoat LongLife Flexo, and WeatherCoat LongLife 7.

Interior Wall Coating

You’ve come to the perfect place if you won’t accept anything less than the best in your home’s interior design. Various interior wall paints, like Silk Breathe Easy, Silk Glamor High Sheen, and Easy Clean Fresh, are available from Berger Paints India for a fab interior.

Exterior Texture

Exterior Texture is a form of wall art created using various paint products. It’s easy to touch and feel. As the name implies, the exterior texture is applied to a home’s exterior walls. To update the look of your Exteriors, style your external walls with Berger Paints’ extensive selection of exterior wall texture paint options like FLORENTINA, SOLITAIRE, and RUFF N TUFF.

Interior Texture

Discover the many modern texture paints by Berger available for interior walls, including Silk GlamArt Metallica, Silk GlamArt Non-Metallic, and Silk GlamArt Stones and Tones.

Things To Avoid While Remodelling.

Investing in Cheap Quality Materials

Using high-quality materials is a consideration for renovations in general. Any restoration project depends heavily on the materials, and utilizing high-quality materials will guarantee that your remodel looks impressive and endures the test of time.

Doing It Yourself

DIY has been promoted as a practical approach to reducing costs when starting a home remodeling project. Still, it could ultimately turn out to be costly. It might take too long, which would lead to subpar work.

Focusing on the Trends

It’s simple to fall in love with lovely Instagram photographs showcasing the newest design trends when starting the planning stages of a remodel. But beware—these tendencies may prevent us from focusing on essential planning. The easiest way to incorporate a trend into your house is to choose the right components for you and give them a personal touch.

Not Taking proper budget into Consideration

As you start to put together the specifics of your remodeling, your budget will serve as a source of guidance. Knowing your budget is critical because it will influence how your planning session for the remodeling will proceed. If you need to know your budget, working with the contractor team will take extra time, which could increase the cost of your home improvement. You can start the process immediately by determining how much you are willing to pay.


We at Berger are here for you whether you want to remodel your house or are just curious about the various remodeling concepts and styles available.

You should look at our top-notch Interior Wall Paints, and Exterior Wall Paints to inspire makeovers for home interiors, kitchens, offices, and more. This will make the process more accessible and give you more renovation ideas. To discover one that suits you, you can browse the collections!


How Long Does Renovating a House Take?

Cosmetic remodeling can be completed in a few days to three months. Major Remodelling takes over a year, whereas Medium Remodelling takes several weeks to six months.

What Type of Paints Should be Used for House Interior?

Emulsion paints are the most popular option for interior wall paint colours because they are water-based and nearly odorless. The paint has deficient levels of VOCs and dries quickly.

What Should be Renovated First Interior or Exterior?

The interior and the outside are both crucial, but the outside’s appearance is what people first notice.

Should I Hire Experts for Home Renovation?

Yes, hiring a pro to handle your project can help you save money. You might need to consider certain financial factors, such as the high potential cost of errors.

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