Understanding the Significance of Ganesh Chaturthi

Modaks, flowers, chants, crowds, and excitement—Ganesh Chaturthi is just around the corner! Is your home ready to welcome the Bappa? The elephant-headed God of wisdom, prosperity, and good fortune is celebrated for 10 days during the Ganpati festival. Ganesh Chaturthi signifies the birth of Ganpati. It is popularly believed that he visits the earth on these 10 days to bless his devotees. The immersion of the idol represents the removal of all negativity from the house. Ganesh Chaturthi is all things delicious, aromatic, and beautiful. It’s a good idea to start planning the decorations for your home and getting them ready.

Planning Ahead: Creating a Festive To-Do List                  

In order to not miss out on anything for the festival, a to-do list is helpful.

Organising tasks for cleaning, painting, and decoration: You will want to declutter your home and clean the room or space where the Ganpati will be kept. If the walls look old and battered, a quick painting job will do wonders. Similarly, you can paint the furniture and change the upholstery for a fresh look. Make your backdrop ready and choose a theme for the decorations. If you wish to go the minimalist way, opt for a pop of lighting and an accent wall as a backdrop, with florals doing most of the talking.

Setting a timeline for completing each task: Creating a timeline for each task will ensure you get it done. If this is not done, there are chances that certain tasks will be pushed aside. Setting reminders will help you achieve your to-do list and have an organised celebration.

Choosing the Perfect Colour Palette for Ganesh Chaturthi             

The colour palette can add to the festive vibes and enhance your Ganpati decoration. The visually appealing setting amplifies the celebrations.

  • Exploring colour options that evoke festive vibes

The traditional colours of gold, red, and green are said to evoke festive vibes; however, a modern colour palette of orange, turquoise, and pink can be equally enchanting. You can add hints of metallic and glitter to spruce up the look and inject festive vibes. Understand the significance of the colour you choose, and make sure it resonates with the cultural element and adds to the spiritual atmosphere.

  • Incorporating traditional colours and modern shades

A combination of conventional hues with an infusion of modern, rich shades will result in a space that looks fascinating. You can incorporate these colours in rangolis, flowers, décor, and other accessories. Choose your favourite shade from Berger’s colour catalogue.

Painting Techniques for a Refreshing Home Ambiance                 

  • Colour Wash Effect: Creating Subtle Depth

Give it an artistic touch by blending soft shades on the wall.

  • Ombre Walls: Adding Gradient Elegance

Transitioning colours from light to dark exudes a gradient finish that adds depth and dimension.

  • Stencilling and Patterns: Intricate Wall Décor

Create interesting patterns and motifs on the wall for great appeal.

  • Sponging: Textured and Playful Surfaces

Add playful character to the walls with textures made by sponging.

  • Stripes and Geometric Shapes: Contemporary Accents

For a visually elongated space, make use of stripes and other geometric patterns. These modern designs can be made in a soothing palette of colours.

  • Faux Finishes: Mimicking Luxurious Textures

Faux finishes add depth and sophisticated touch to your space with their opulent textures.

Revamping furniture for the festive season

Give your furniture a makeover this holiday season with furniture paint, including metallic and wood finishes. You can also polish your wooden table and chairs for a luxurious look. You can also opt for glitter-finish paint or add hints of bold shades for detailing.

Creating an Enchanting Puja Corner

A quick way of creating a visually appealing puja corner is by using lights, drapes, and some traditional motifs. You can use vivid colours with a touch of gold to enhance the look. Metallic paint for walls from Berger can instantly amp up the corner.


Celebrate the divine ambience of Ganesh Chaturthi and partake in the festivities with great fervour. Make your home ready in no time with interior wall coating options from Berger.


How early should I start preparing my home for Ganesh Chaturthi?

About 2–3 weeks before the festival, you can start planning the decorations and cleaning and decluttering your home.

What are the essential steps for preparing walls before painting?

Fill any holes or cracks in the walls, sand the walls, and clean the walls. You will have a smooth finish if you follow these steps before painting.

Can you suggest some DIY ideas for decorating outdoor spaces for the festival?

You can make flower rangolis, wall hangings that signify the festival, and lights in your outdoor space.

Are there any quick painting techniques suitable for small nooks and spaces?

Yes, sponging, stencils, stripes, and colour blocking are some of the painting techniques for compact spaces.

What tips do you have for revamping furniture to match the festive ambience?

Use metallic paints for furniture, arrange the set-up for relaxed seating, and use vibrant upholstery for the furniture to make the house seem more inviting.

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