Exterior Wall Painting for a bungalow

Read this blog to learn about exterior home painting, right from the best time to paint your home exteriors, proven colour combinations to advantages of exterior house painting.

All About Exterior Wall Painting

You must have heard of the saying, “First impression is the last impression.” Well, it holds true in the case of our living spaces as well. The idea is to make sure that the first glimpse of your home brings joy, not disappointment. You can achieve this by knowing when to paint the walls, which colours to use and which painting service to go with.

Best Time To Paint Exterior Walls

It is a wise idea to avoid rainy days and make sure all surfaces are dry before starting an exterior paint job. Check the weather forecast around the day you decide to paint your exteriors. If it rains right after the application, it might be disastrous, causing fading and discolouration. Therefore, look for months that give you dry days.

Exciting Exterior Wall Colour Combinations

Scroll through interesting colour combinations for house exterior painting recommended by our in-house colour experts — we bet you’ll want to pick one for your home too!

Natural Colour Paint Ideas

Yellow is an incredibly easy colour to pair with. It plays well with a shade of brown. CELESTIAL SUN (3P0238) and BROWNISH (3A0248) can work well as an exterior wall combination.

Combine brown with orange to add a touch of elegance. The stylish combination of BARSTON (8T1748) and JOYFUL DAY (3T0239) has a fresh appeal, perfect for Indian home exteriors.

Pair a light grey reminiscent of a rain cloud with a bold jet black to make a stunning impact. This duo
ICED SILVER (8T1715) and EBONY COAST (8A1840)
bear a dynamic appeal, sure to add style to the exterior walls of homes.

Warm Colour Paint Ideas

When it comes to colour, the word ‘timeless’ gets thrown around a lot. The quintessential appeal of black and white is never out of style. This combination actually does walk the talk. Choose this duo of EBONY COAST (8A1840) and WEDDING GOWN (8P0201) for a classic look.

If not two, you can play with three shades on the walls. Go for shades of brown, white and beige on your home’s exterior walls. COUNTRY HEARTH (8D1727), WEDDING GOWN (8P0201) and BLUSH BEIGE (2P0610) are bound to create a wonderful visual impact.

Don’t want a wall exterior that looks boring to the eye? You can take a monochromatic approach with two shades of orange. RISE AND SHINE (2T0708) and APRICOT SERENADE (2D0227) can look beautiful no matter what the weather.

Cool Colour Paint Ideas

Here’s an interesting three-colour palette for you to take note of. This cool trio of SILVER THORNE (8T1724), BARSTON (8T1748) and FABULOUS WHITE (7P0185) are sure to create a balanced and tasteful home exterior for you.

You can use a light hue of brown as the prime exterior colour and pick the darker hue to highlight some portions of the exterior walls. LOG JAM (8A1728) and BARSTON (8T1748) can work as an intriguing combination.

You can pick hues like peach and brown in combination to create a classy look for your home exteriors. This pair of GINGER PEACH (2T0588) and MOROCCAN SPICE (2D0599) can work wonders on home exteriors.

Choosing low VOC exterior paints from Berger Paints India can offer a healthy environment for you and your loved ones. You can explore all the shades mentioned in this blog right here: Click here.

All said, if you fancy just a single colour for your home’s exterior walls, you may find this blog useful: Click here.

Benefits That You May Not Know About  Exterior Wall Painting

Protects the structural integrity

Applying high-quality exterior wall paint to the house seals moisture, which reduces the stress on your home’s structural integrity. Consequently, the structure’s lifespan is prolonged and the walls are well-protected.

Shields from extreme weather

India is a country with several different seasons. It experiences summers, monsoons and winters for a brief period. However, one thing that is common between all the diverse places in the country is that homes in all these regions are largely affected by the changing weather. Exterior paints on walls protect the surface by giving it an extra layer against harsh weather.

Enhances the visual appeal

Giving the exterior walls of your home a fresh coat of paint makes it more appealing and welcoming. It also covers up any blemishes or stains that accumulate on your walls with the passage of time.

In addition, having dust on your exterior walls is frequent in cities and locations that see a lot of construction activity. This may be prevented by using anti-dust exterior paints, which have Dust Guard Technology that prevents dust from sticking to the home’s exterior walls.

Prevents damage by insects

Putting a new coat of paint on the house closes off any potential entry points for bugs, potentially eliminating an infestation in its tracks. This helps keep all those pesky pests outside where they belong.

Improves the value of the property

When the exterior walls of your home are well-maintained, it can dramatically impact the value of your home. So, if you are looking to put your home on the market, painting your exterior walls is a wonderful way to increase its value. It can also take the attractiveness of your home to potential buyers notches higher. To gain more insights on this topic, click here.


At Berger Paints India, we are committed to excellence, quality and reliability in every painting job we take up. We have carried out many exterior painting projects, both small-scale and large-scale, right from societies, buildings to bungalows. With years of experience and a dedicated team to provide best exterior painting service, you can be assured of a memorable experience.

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