Moisture Meter for wall

Wall damage due to dampness isn’t something you want to take a chance on. Read on to know how Berger’s Homeshield Moisture Meter can help.

Did you ever imagine that just like the way a thermometer detects whether you have a fever or not, there could be a device that detects how well the walls of your home are doing? That’s right!

The Homeshield Moisture Meter technology enables to quickly scan large surfaces of walls and roofs in no time, detecting the level of moisture present in them. This comes in handy because when it comes to dampness in a wall, finding the source of dampness quickly is crucial.

The water damage caused by moisture intrusion into the structure can require thousands of rupees of remediation and repair if left unchecked for long.

We, at Berger Paints India, use Homeshield Moisture Meter to easily detect moisture trapped in walls and roofs, which could be due to leaking roof, rainwater or underground seepage.

The Homeshield Moisture Meter quickly scans and targets spots where one can confidently take measurements, analyse readings and ensure that problems are fixed with customised waterproofing solutions.

Simple, Precise and Quick Readings with Homeshield Moisture Meter

 Home Shield products for interior walls

You need to be aware of what the readings say to be able to give the right treatment.

  • If the moisture meter reading shows a rating of 0-5 for the interior walls, you can go for regular treatment that involves basic surface preparation and the painting process.


  • If the reading shows 6-10, you need to go for Berger Home Shield products such as Waterproof Putty + Seal-O-Prime treatment as it can lead to more severe problems in the future if neglected.


  • If the reading shows a rating of 11-25, the walls may have been severely damaged and will require waterproofing at the earliest. We recommend using Berger Home Shield products like the Wall Shield 2k + Waterproof Putty + Seal-O-Prime.


  • For reading that is more than 25 due to rising dampness, you should go for Injection Treatment that involves products such as Injection Sealer + Dampstop + Waterproof Putty + Seal-O-Prime.


  • For reading that is more than 25 due to dampness apart from rising dampness, you should go for Dampstop Treatment that involves products such as Dampstop + Waterproof Putty + Seal-O-Prime.

waterproof home walls

  • For the roofs, if the reading is between 0-6, you need not worry as there is no immediate need for waterproofing.


  • If it ranges anywhere between 7-11, you need to go for a product like WeatherCoat RoofGuard which is the Roof Ground Treatment.


  • If the reading is between 12-15, you need to immediately apply PU RoofKoat system.


  • If the reading is above 15, you need to opt for PU RoofKoat system.

Final Thoughts

Homeshield Moisture Meter’s scientific and accurate diagnosis helps evaluate the damage caused by dampness so that you can take appropriate steps to waterproof home walls.

By hiring Berger Home Shield experts to take care of your waterproofing, you can get the job done right. Even with no visible moisture from your standpoint,  Homeshield Moisture Meter tells our team exactly what mitigation is needed and where, without fail. This not only secures your home and saves money on future repairs but keeps the aesthetics of your home looking good for years to come.

If you are an architect or an interior designer, your reputation can be at stake. Hence, you should give equal attention to the aesthetic as well as the durable aspects of the home. It is imperative to waterproof the walls and roof with proper solutions during the construction stage or during the home improvement phase itself. Make sure that you are working with a professional waterproofing service that can support your project from the very start to a successful conclusion and afterwards.

Our professionals will carry out the task of waterproofing right as they have the skill set and the right scientific tools required for a long-lasting and thorough waterproofing job.

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