Caught in embarrassing moments due to ugly damp walls? Read on to know how we can help using our innovative devices like Moisture Meter and products such as Berger Waterproof Putty.

One of the biggest shake-ups the global pandemic has brought about is transforming the home into a centre of activity for everyone, be it for online classes, office work, hobby classes or workouts. Before the 2020 work-from-home global phenomenon happened, those of us working from home desks only paid attention to the view in front of the work desk, not behind it. But now, when we are conducting live video team meetings daily, we need to be more aware of what is in the background of our work area as well.

Waterproof Putty for walls

Unfortunately, we have heard that many people have overlooked this and have been caught in embarrassing moments with leaky walls, damp mould and wet patches clearly showing in their background during video calls and ending up being subject to embarrassing comments and taunts from colleagues and friends likewise.

Recently, Miss Lekha Deshmukh, a graphic designer from Pune was presenting her designs in an important pitch meeting. Though confident about her work, she found herself getting conscious and uncomfortable due to the embarrassing damp patches on the walls of her room in her video background. Her teammates and clients sensed her evident discomfort, which affected the overall mood during the presentation.

This is just one of the many similar incidents that we have heard of. If you have been caught in such a situation in the near past, you can put an end to your woes with the right approach.

What is the Right Approach?

Firstly, you need to figure out what causes the walls to become flaky and peeled. The most common causes are damp – rising damp and penetrating damp, condensation, leaks or roof/ceiling damage.

wall treatment

The science is quite simple here. Rising damp is a rare form of damp that damages the walls of buildings. It occurs when moisture from the ground travels right up through the walls by capillary action. What this means is that groundwater gets pulled up through small tubes in the bricks just like a series of straws!

Penetrating damp happens due to water leaking through the walls. It tends to happen as a result of structural problems and cracks in external walls.

If you see damp spots on your ceilings after heavy rains, leaks are most likely the culprit.

Condensation is another issue that occurs when the temperature outside the house dips. This phenomenon releases water droplets on the walls that can cause moulds and tacky stains, becoming a total eyesore.


Don’t let the monsoon play spoilsport and ruin your walls! Quality waterproofing, if done right, can safeguard your walls from damage caused by all these factors.

Get in touch with our Berger Home Shield Waterproofing experts today. Our team uses scientific devices such as Moisture Meter that eliminates guesswork and tells us exactly what mitigation is needed and where.

Depending on the extent of the damage, our waterproofing experts also prescribe the right wall treatment products to plug in the dampness.

Waterproof Putty for walls by Berger Paints India exhibits excellent water repellent property and is anti-florescent, making it a great choice for your walls. Therefore, if you can already identify the waterproofing issues in your home, you know which product works!

In conclusion, we only believe in scientific waterproofing and go by the motto – No gyaan, only vigyaan.

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