Paints to Keep Your House Cool

Discover the remarkable solution to staying cool this summer – a new coat of paint. Know more!

As the scorching summer heat becomes relentless, finding solace in a cool and comfortable living space has become a top priority. To top it, the constant battle against dust settling on every surface can be overwhelming. The good news is that India’s most popular dust repellent paint now comes with heat reflective Nano-tech, making it a one-of-kind in the Indian markets.

Introducing Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt Kool. This premium exterior emulsion brings together two exceptional benefits: superior heat reflection and advanced dust-repelling properties.

The Science Behind Berger Anti Dustt KoolIntroducing Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt Kool

The Cooling TechnologyPaints with heat-reflective nano technology

Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt Kool is a revolutionary paint that tackles the sun’s relentless assault using heat-reflective nano technology and keeps your interiors cooler than ever.

This paint creates a fortress of coolness around your walls and roof. Imagine the relief of stepping into a room that is naturally chilled.

By using Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt Kool, you can reduce your dependence on air conditioning as the paint effectively reflects heat, resulting in cooler indoor temperature.

The Dust-Repellent Formula For A Dust-Free HavenAnti dust paint for clean & healthy living space

Dust accumulation is a common issue in Indian homes. This happens due to various factors such as construction activities and urban pollution. Dust settles on exterior wall surfaces, making them look dull, causing black patches and promoting the growth of algae and fungus. Not just that, it can also be a cause of respiratory discomfort and allergic reactions!

But what if we said that there was a way to significantly reduce dust settling, resulting in cleaner and healthier living spaces? Yes, you heard it right! The solution is right here.

You can now put up a good fight and reclaim your home from the clutches of dust with the anti dust paint – Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt Kool. Its Dust Guard technology ensures superior protection against environmental dust. You will be happy to know that it tackles dust-related woes head-on, acting as a superhero shield against annoying dust particles.

Reasons To Stay Cool With Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt Kool

Staying cool in India’s blistering summers is of utmost significance due to several compelling factors:

Health and Well-Being: It is crucial to maintain a comfortable body temperature to safeguard our well-being. High temperatures during the summer can lead to heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Staying cool helps prevent dehydration, heat cramps and other health issues associated with extreme heat.

Productivity and Efficiency: Excessive heat can hamper productivity and efficiency, both at work and in daily activities. Heat and discomfort can make it difficult to concentrate, leading to decreased productivity levels. By staying cool, individuals can maintain focus and perform tasks more efficiently.

Comfort and Quality of Life: The scorching heat can make daily life uncomfortable, especially for those without access to air conditioning or proper cooling facilities. Being able to stay cool improves overall comfort and quality of life, enabling individuals to engage in activities with greater enjoyment and ease.

Sleep and Rest: Adequate sleep and rest are essential for our physical and mental well-being. However, the intense heat can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to restlessness and fatigue. By staying cool, we can create a more conducive environment for a good night’s sleep, allowing our bodies and minds to recharge.

Preservation of Electronic Devices: High temperatures can also negatively affect electronic devices, causing overheating and potential damage. By keeping the surroundings cool, we can protect our valuable electronics from overheating and extend their lifespan.

Overall, staying cool in India’s blistering summers is crucial for our health, well-being, productivity, comfort and overall enjoyment of life.

Energy Efficiency for Indian HomesEnergy Efficiency For Indian Homes

Yet another great part about choosing Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt Kool is that you not only get to enjoy a refreshingly cooler atmosphere, but you also get to take a stand for sustainability.

Imagine reducing your reliance on air conditioners, conserving precious resources and lowering your carbon footprint all while staying cool and comfortable!

How to Apply Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt Kool

Before starting the painting process, it is crucial to examine the surface thoroughly. Ensure that the moisture content of the wall is below 12% and the pH value falls between 7-11.

Choosing the Right Undercoats:

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to use the following undercoats:

Primer: Use Berger WeatherCoat Exterior Primer or Seal-O-Prime for wall or plastered surfaces. Alternatively, you can opt for WeatherCoat All Guard by diluting 1L of emulsion in 1L of water.

Putty: Apply Bison Wall Putty for plastered surfaces or walls.

Dilution and Application:

Dilute the Berger Anti Dustt Kool Paint as per the recommended dilution ratio – 400 ml of water/1L emulsion.

Choose your preferred application method: brush, roller or spray.

Apply the first finishing coat and allow it to dry for a minimum of 6-8 hours.

Once the first coat is dry, apply the second coat and let it dry overnight for optimal results.

Important Tips for a Successful Application:

Shake the paint can well before use, but avoid over dilution.

Strain the paint through a fine sieve to remove any impurities before application.

Keep the paint container tightly closed to prevent drying.

Avoid painting on lime-washed surfaces or damp walls.

Gyro shake well after tinting through CB Machine.

Do not apply paint on lime washed surfaces or damp walls.

Store the paint out of reach of children and away from foodstuff.

In case of eye contact, wash immediately with water and seek medical assistance.


When it comes to painting your home, settling for anything less than perfection is simply not an option. That is where Berger Express Painting, combined with the incredible Berger WeatherCoat Anti Dustt Kool comes into play. Get ready to turn up the coolness factor in your home!

With a generous 6-year warranty, this exterior emulsion not only adds beauty to your home exterior walls but also serves as a reliable shield against weather extremities.

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