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COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of people globally. With a strict lockdown in most countries to contain the spread of the virus, business and economy have been disrupted. The true impact of the virus attack is unfathomable, with most industries coming to a screaming halt and the catastrophe turning the world upside down.

However, in a global crisis like this, it is critical for businesses to continuously move in the right direction as the pandemic shutdown extends. A crisis brings opportunity and should be seen as a trigger to explore new directions. At Berger Paints India, reinvention and resilience have been ingrained in our culture from the very beginning. And amid the pandemic, we are adapting and renewing to the disruption and preparing for the new normal world.

Our response to the pandemic is to remain true to our mission, be empathetic to stakeholders, make quick decisions, be as transparent as possible and ensure the safety of our employees, stakeholders and customers. Here’s how we are achieving this:

Berger’s initiative to help the painter community

The current crisis makes it more difficult for painters who depend on their daily wages to fend for themselves and their families. To help them during these turbulent times, Berger Paints India is providing financial aid and assistance.

Since, during this time, most painters are struggling to make ends meet, one of the first steps towards helping the painter community was to accelerate our cash rewards program. In the pre-pandemic times, when a painter purchased paint from us, there was a long process to get rewards. Because cash is of the essence to survive the pandemic and maintain social distancing norms, Berger Paints India moved to a digital model of rewards and benefits. We are helping the painters open bank accounts and earned rewards are being credited to their accounts in a matter of few days. This way, painters and contractors don’t have to depend on anyone to see them through the crisis and they can enjoy liquidity once the market resumes.

With this initiative, we have helped over 25,000+ painters and their families with their immediate needs and essentials. By turning a major challenge into a meaningful change, we are building stronger and more meaningful bonds and relationships with our community and stakeholders.

Launching a new app to keep stakeholders and customers safe: Express Painting App for a contactless painting experience

Express Painting, since its inception in 2014, has been recognised as a leader in painting service innovation. Millions of happy customers have availed the service to enjoy a hassle-free painting experience. The painting service initially aimed at making painting easier- for both painters and customers. With features like new and advanced tools, furniture and floor covering, superior products and on-site technical support, it is easy to see why the painting service is vouched for its reliability, cleanliness and efficiency. However, with the recent pandemic, one thing is for certain- the safety of our stakeholders and customers is of paramount importance, now more than ever. Keeping this in mind, we have taken steps to ensure our leading home painting service continues to service its customers- but in a new, upgraded way.

We have deployed safety and hygiene protocols based on guidance from health authorities to make home painting faster, cleaner, and now even more safer. Now that social distancing and contactless communication is a norm, we have launched Express Painting App. Through the app, you can get estimates, book the painting service, track work progress, monitor health and body temperature of painters and complete all transactions digitally.

Moreover, only painters belonging to green and non-containment zones are allocated. Painters also sanitise the site, tools and regularly touched surfaces daily so that you can be at peace. A health and safety kit comprising of mask, gloves, cap, foot covers and sanitisers is made available to the painters. We are working with our providers to ensure they follow health and safety protocols rigorously and keep all products, tools and sites as sterile as possible.

Continuing to hire new talent- digitally


To survive the pandemic, most companies across the globe are letting go of their employees and announcing salary cuts. At Berger Paints India, we believe that it is essential to have the right support structure in place during this time. We are ensuring there is no impact on recruitment and offers and placements are honoured with no change to salary package or joining dates. All recruits were on-boarded virtually. They have been assured that the job offers and salary benefits will not be revoked. A total of 21 employees in management and non-management levels were on-boarded in April and the induction process of more than 100 campus offers is in process.

As we continue to navigate through this time of unprecedented uncertainty and business challenges, we will continue to support and sustain our communities and employees in a way that fosters true ingenuity. Berger Paints has been in business for decades and has come a long way from being a shoestring business to one of the leading manufacturing companies in the country. By harnessing digital skills, innovation, and tech, we are fully prepared to continue our operations and respond to the new, unique demands of our customers and stakeholders.

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