Safe Home Painting

Get ready to have a hassle-free and safe home painting experience! Read this blog to know more.

Given the amount of effort and tidying that has to be done, painting has always been a difficult feat. The Express Painting Services from Berger Paints was developed with these challenges in mind. It provides you with an all-in-one home painting solution that enriches your home makeover experience.

Berger Express Painting provides a seamless painting experience with the highest quality services. Take a look.

Zero Contact Services

Thanks to the Express Painting App, you now have complete control over your home painting process. It offers a range of services and information at your fingertips, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Raise an Enquiry

Fill out a simple form online or via the XP App with your information, and an adviser will contact you to set up an appointment for professional painting services at your convenience.

Discover Colours 

Explore paint colours, combinations, and styles with the XP App’s Shade Cards and Paint Catalogue to transform your home’s interiors and exterior according to your dream vision. If you’re having trouble deciding on a colour scheme for your house, the expert advisors can provide you remote colour consultation and colour previews.

Find a Product

Through the XP App’s Product Finder, you can browse through and order enamels for interiors, undercoats, textures and much more. Details and benefits of each product are provided so that you can make an informed decision about which paints best meet your needs.

Track In Real Time

When you start a project via the app, you can follow the process from start to finish to ensure that everything is going according to plan. You can also track the health status of painters and executives to be assured of your loved ones’ safety.

On-Site Inspection

After you’ve scheduled a meeting, one of the executives will plan a visit to the painting site at a convenient time. Rest assured, all our executives wear masks and gloves, use sanitisers and maintain social distancing. When they visit, they will assess the site’s condition across a variety of critical measures to provide you with tailored solutions.

Accurate Measurements

The dedicated client executives who visit your house will take digital measurements to provide accurate estimates, which you will then receive via the XP App. They’ll tell you which products are suitable for the job and answer any questions you might have about the painting process.

Customized Waterproofing Solutions

Waterproofing Solutions, which include visits from the Home Shield professionals, are also accessible through Berger Express Painting services. The experts use a moisture meter to determine whether your walls need to be waterproofed. They provide tailored home solutions that are supported by science for waterproofing of your home.

Fast Painting

Express Painting is aided by the following mechanized XP tools, which significantly shorten the time it takes to complete a painting project.

High Pressure Washer

Berger Paints - High Pressure Washer

This washer uses a pressure regulator to raise the water pressure to a high enough level to remove debris, grime, and flaking paint off any surface. Its option to adjust the nozzle makes it ideal for cleaning exterior walls off dirt, pollution, and fungus growth, even from corners and uneven surfaces.

Multipurpose Mixer

Multipurpose Mixer

The multipurpose mixer from Berger allows emulsions, putty, and/or textures to be blended quickly and uniformly. It sits safely at the paint container’s base, continuing to combine materials and stir the paint to increase coverage. It also has regulated speeds, which cater to the specific type and amount of mixture being used.

Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless Paint Sprayer

An airless painting experience ensures a consistent finish across a variety of surfaces. It is a painting technique that employs high pressure to force water-based paints and primers through a tiny tip aperture. This equipment allows fast application of paint on surfaces by covering large areas in a short period of time.

Auto Roller

Auto Roller

The roller, which was designed with auto technology, makes painting walls and ceilings effortless. It allows for almost drip-free paint application and is used to evenly paint walls and other surfaces for a more sophisticated look. Paint is delivered straight from the paint bucket to the roller, which is capable of auto pumping the paint for continuous use.

Guaranteed Safety Throughout

Berger is committed to ensuring a Safe Nahi, Super Safe Painting experience through its home painting services, especially during the current times when caution is the key to health.

Safety Certified Painters

The painters assigned to your project are vetted using the Aarogya Setu App to guarantee they have a green status and are not from a confinement zone. The executives who come to your house and the painters update their body temperatures on the XP app every day, which you can observe. To maintain hygiene, XP specialists are outfitted with health and safety kits that contain masks, a digital thermometer, and a hand sanitiser, which they regularly use during the painting process.

Regular Disinfection

After you’ve agreed on the scope of work, ordered the necessary supplies, and established a timeframe with your team, sanitised products will be delivered to your home. The XP personnel will sanitise frequently touched surfaces, such as doorknobs and handrails, using a Multi-surface 24-hour disinfectant spray. Every day, all the tools used to complete the painting job will be disinfected to provide the highest level of safety within your home.

Sanding Machine

As this machine sands a surface, its built-in vacuum collects all the dust produced in the process. This makes the environment safer and cleaner for you, your family, and the painters.


Before and after the painting process, XP painters enhance the safety of your house and furnishings by carefully transferring and securing all your belongings. They cover the floors, furniture, carpets, tiles, and other surfaces with waterproof sheets to protect them from paint drips and spills.


Berger Express Painting provides you with a high-quality and timely solution for all your wall painting requirements. When the painting job is completed, the painters will take off all the coverings, reassemble your furniture and belongings, remove any stains or dirt, and thoroughly disinfect your property before they leave. Our aim is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

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