Berger Safe Home Painting

Getting your home painted and refurbished during these times of caution can be difficult. But you can’t just ignore the repainting and repairs until they become urgent. That’s why we at Berger Express Painting services have implemented several precautionary measures that let you give your home a colourful makeover,  without compromising on the safety of your loved ones.  

Painting Your House In The Pandemic With Berger Express Painting 

We have come up with the Faster, Cleaner, Safer approach, because, more than anything else, we want you to be safe and healthy!


Efficient Painting Services

With our fast and efficient painting services, we ensure that:

  • A dedicated XP customer executive is assigned to you for on-site colour consultation and digital estimation of the painting expenses.
  • Only trained painters who use time-saving processes and painting techniques are assigned to your site. Our painters are qualified to diligently prep and paint your walls to achieve the results you desire.
  • The skilled painters and contractors use mechanised tools such as high-pressure washers with pressure regulators and nozzle adjustments, sanding machines with regulated speeds, airless paint sprayers for a uniform finish and auto rollers for a faster paint job.
  • Constant and thorough site supervision is carried out for your peace of mind and to ensure on-time delivery.
  • You can browse, book and pay in just a few clicks through the Berger Express Painting consumer app. We aim for a faster response time with the app, all the while ensuring contactless service too.
  • The Express painting app also has a Digital Helpdesk. Here, we address all your concerns and queries digitally.  


Clean Painting Service

We ensure you get a clean painting service by making certain that:

  • All your furniture, floors, plumbing, electrical fixtures and other valuables are protected using waterproof covers and masking tapes.
  • We use mechanised equipment and expert painting techniques that lead to a dust-free painting experience.
  • We carry out exhaustive disinfection of frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, taps and plug points.
  • We use disinfecting and sanitising floor cleaners that kill germs as well as remove any stubborn paint splatters and drops.
  • To help you stay home, stay safe, we also undertake a complete site clean-up post our painting job at your home.


Safe Painting

By giving you the safest service possible, we make Berger Express Painting the right choice for you. This is how we ensure a seamless and hygienic painting experience:

  • We provide a zero-contact service – right from us making the first site visit to you making the final payment.
  • Our trained painters are certified on Safety & Hygiene protocols. Only painters with a green status on the Aarogya Setu app are assigned to your paint job, thus keeping your home safe and protected.
  • Our painters use Berger’s specially created Health & Safety kits. These kits have double-layered masks, nitrile powder-free gloves, painter caps, soaps, wiping cloths, hand sanitisers, floor disinfectants and sanitising sprays as well.
  • You get daily temperature and symptoms’ check updates of our painters and executives on the Express Painting app.
  • We use only the best paint to give your house a colourful makeover. Our low VOC Silk BreatheEasy luxury emulsion is known to kill bacteria and reduce indoor pollution. It also has formaldehyde reducing properties.
  • Our painters carry out daily disinfection of tools and also sanitise regularly touched surfaces.
  • You get on-site delivery of sanitised products.

Under Berger Express Painting services, we provide end-to-end interior and exterior painting solutions that have a long lasting finish. We also undertake waterproofing and wood coating projects. In fact, we were the first ones to introduce customers to an all-round service experience. From  at-home consultancy and site recce to trained painters using automatic tools to provide a dust-free painting job, we were the pioneers of providing complete home painting solutions in India. 

Since we cannot predict how the Coronavirus will behave, we at Berger Express Painting services are taking the above mentioned preventative measures to ensure the safety of you, your loved ones as well as our employees. We are being completely mindful of our actions and in doing so, we are trying to keep your homes hygienic and a bastion of safety.


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