Exterior Colours

Feeling hot, hot, hot?! The right colour scheme for your home exteriors can transform its vibe and energy. It can also help cool your house naturally.

Summer is here and so is the sweltering heat and humidity. Also making an appearance are wallet-busting electricity bills linked with cooling down your home. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could cool your home using more energy-efficient ways that are great for both your savings and the environment? As it turns out, exterior house colours palette, when used smartly, can help in creating a naturally cool and refreshing atmosphere at home.

Creative solutions can help us stay cool in greener ways. One such solution involves applying light coloured paint on the outside of homes and offices. Moreover, recent innovation in paint technology have devised new forms of paint like Berger WeatherCoat Kool & Seal, that have heat-reflecting particles and reflect visible radiation and infrared rays, thereby reducing heat build-up and keeping the surface cool.

If you’re looking to give your home walls a refresh this summer, choose these cool exterior house paint colours that will be a great way to feel refreshed all season long:

Breezy Blues
exterior house paint

Look at the clear blue ocean or the endless sky above, and you will see that nature puts up a stunning display of so many shades of blue. The colour blue, especially in light tones, can help the home interiors stay cooler. Light colours absorb less light from the sun whereas dark colours absorb more light from the sun, so shades of blissful blues like sky blue or cornflower blue can help keep the temperature cooler by a few degrees.

Berger Colour Inspiration: After The Rain (5P1098), June Breeze (5P1113), Aruba Mist (5P0152)

Gorgeous Greensexterior house paint colours

Home exteriors in a stunning shade of green can feel like spending your summer vacation at home! Take inspiration from the natural world around you by picking your favourite gorgeous greens. Opt for a green with a bit of yellow to it, shades of teal or hues of sea green, there is a diverse range of exterior house paint colours to choose from.

Berger Colour Inspiration: Dreamy Green (4P0261), Clearly Cool (4P0119), Misty Morn (4P2128)

Tip: If you wish to add a bit of art to your walls, think beyond plain walls. Vertical gardens on your home exterior walls can transform dull walls instantly and also purify the environment. They come with aesthetic and functional benefits- the thick vegetation restricts the movement of heat and helps to regulate sunlight and temperature even during the hottest summer days.

Wondrous Whites
exterior house colours

When you wear a white T-shirt on a hot, sunny day, you feel cooler than if you wore one that is darker in colour. That is because white reflects more sunlight and it is the same concept for homes and buildings. A curated palette of pure whites or near whites is a timeless choice for home exteriors. For trimmings, borders, doors and windows, opt for an accent shade like bright yellow, aquatic blue or peppy orange to transform your home exteriors into a cool breezy tropical paradise.

Berger Colour Inspiration: Moon Flower (8P0209), Tailwind (8P0195), Calista (8P1777)

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