Plaster, chunna, chemical solution– most of us have tried some or all of these water leakage solutions over the years only to find dampness seep back in our home walls. Alas! But ever wondered why? These solutions, while may offer temporary relief, have limited protection against dampness because it is only a film between the plaster and the paint. If the wall has dampness coming from a source which is not diagnosed and fixed, then the effects of leakage will soon reappear.

Right before the monsoon season begins, you will find many local contractors and fly-by-night companies offer assurance and guarantee for waterproofing solutions for home. During a time when customers are desperately looking for products to fix their problems, it is easy to fall prey to quick fixes. However, many such applications fail before the next monsoon. This gives contractors a chance to sell more products and services every year. At the end of it, it is an endless cycle of a frustrated customer looking for long-term solutions and a contractor making the most out of this opportunity.

To set the record straight, let’s debunk some of the most common myths about waterproofing with proper facts, so that the next time someone claims to fix wall dampness without proper diagnosis, you know how to call out ‘vigyaan’ from ‘gyaan’.


Myth: Putty is the best way to waterproof.

Fact: Putty offers relief in the short term. Unless the main source of dampness is not diagnosed and fixed, then the effects of a bad waterproofing job will soon reappear. The wall dampness will find a way to show up through the putty and new paint job causing a very shabby looking wall.


Myth: Painting over leakage and dampness will solve the problem.

Fact: All you are doing is temporarily hiding the problem and that is something you don’t want to do with wall dampness since it might be a more serious problem than you realise. If you don’t address the underlying problem of the dampness or leakage, it will keep reappearing.


Myth: You can trust everyone who claims they are waterproofing experts and can provide you with the exact solutions you need.

Fact: Unfortunately, we’ve seen so many of our customers fall for such tall claims. At Berger Paints, we don’t sell our services just to meet our sales quota. Which means, we won’t give you solutions that aren’t going to solve your problems. When it comes to diagnosing and solving your wall dampness and leakage issues, our professionals are completely honest with you about what you need and what you don’t. To make this completely transparent and authentic, we have tools like Moisture Meter that detect the moisture damage in walls so we can accurately solve the problem, no guesswork or overenthusiastic salesmen here!


Myth: Waterproofing is too expensive.

Fact: Waterproofing is not as pricey as you think. The project cost will depend on the extent of the moisture damage, but the long-term payoff makes it all worth it.Prevention is always better and cheaper than cure. If you have damp walls, the best time to deal with it was yesterday. Don’t delay waterproofing, it might end up being more expensive in the long run!


Myth: Waterproofing solutions are not permanent. Water always finds its way inside.

Fact: When done correctly, waterproofing is effective and permanent. This myth comes from builders who skip the waterproofing process to save some money or sub-standard contractors who use cheap solutions and products. Our leading waterproofing solution, Berger Home Shield comes with a performance warranty, so rest assured, once you waterproof your home walls, you don’t have to worry about it for over a decade!


Myth: Only humid or coastal areas need waterproofing.

Fact: While rainwater and high humidity may cause wall dampness, even in dry regions, wall dampness can pose a serious threat. A faulty leak from a pipe or the air conditioner water can seep in from the exterior walls and ruin the interiors.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, only scientific and proven waterproofing solutions, contact Berger Home Shield. The waterproofing experts break the myths, armed with Moisture Meter to measure moisture content trapped in the wall so that appropriate treatment can be applied. To get in touch, SMS HS to 56767 or click here:

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  1. Alice Carroll says: August 1, 2022 at 4:56 pm

    Thanks for the reminder that It’s also important to look into the kinds of chemical solutions used when waterproofing a home. I had to deal with flooding last year during the rainy season so I want to work on preparing my home for that. That way, I will be able to save money on home repairs.

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