Home Painting Ideas

Your home’s walls are a canvas on which you can paint your personality. It therefore becomes critical to choose the right paint colour and the right painting service to help you fill that canvas.

Exploring new colour combinations, accessorizing your home with vibrant objects, using the Virtual Painter tool from Berger, and making appropriate use of small spaces can turn your home into a place that best suits your personality and lifestyle.

6 Striking Home Painting Ideas:

Pro tip: The best way to get the home makeover you always wanted is to hire a professional painting services company like *ahem* us!

Make Small Spaces Pop

Bold Colours

There’s always that small corner or space in the house that often gets ignored. It can be the balcony, the corner where you keep your shoes and chappals, the passage leading from the hall to the bedrooms, the dry balcony, the pooja room or even the entryway. It’s time you give these small spaces a makeover and use bold colours to make them pop!

Our shade Royal Dignity (shade code 6D2358), a beautiful hue of purple, will be perfect for your entryway. Since green is known to have a calming presence, you can paint your pooja room with our Elemint shade (shade code 4P0093) to have a soothing effect. For your balconies, we recommend a playful Gold Coast (shade code 2D0710) and for your passageways, we recommend a charming Spring Bliss (shade code 7T1475).

Explore New Colour Combinations

Colour Combinations

Don’t choose a safe and boring colour combination the next time you get your house painted. Instead, opt for 2 contrasting colours which, when used together, would definitely create magic! Some mesmerising colour combinations you could try are Aubergine and Gold, Pink and Orange, Grey and Blue, Grey and Yellow, Red and Beige etc. You can also check out other unique colour combinations in our blog Top Wall Colour Combinations Of 2022.

To help you visualise the end result of your colour combination choice, we at Berger have developed the Virtual Painter tool. All you need to do is select the type of room, select the colour palette and then see your dream home come to life virtually!

Neutral Does Not Mean Just Beige

Neutral Shades

More often than not, when people think of neutral colours, only shades of beige come to mind. But that is not the case. Neutral shades consist of several other   colours- you have your creams and greys, browns and tans, and white and black. The beauty of neutral colours is that, even if they come across as muted shades that lack personality, they often have underlying tints that make them reflect and change colours in different light settings.

Neutrals can also be used with dark and accent colours to add a dash of drama to your walls. If you book our Berger Express Painting services, we will provide on-site colour consultation at your convenient time and also give the cost estimate so that you can plan your expenses accordingly. In the process of giving your home a makeover, we don’t forget to follow strict safety and hygiene protocols. Afterall, staying safe and healthy is the need of the hour.

Shades Of The Same Colour, Flock Together!

Wall painting Ideas

When you use shades of the same colour to paint a room, you add a depth to the space which makes it look contemporary and sophisticated. Known as Monochromatic Colour Scheme, you should try using a minimum of three variations of the colour to make the most of this wall painting idea. Or, you can try giving the room an ombre effect – this is a painting technique which has gradual gradation from a dark colour to a light one or vice-versa. Not sure if you want the entire room to have different shades of a single colour? Well then, the Monochromatic Colour Scheme can be used to paint just one accent wall in the room and make it look gorgeous!

Follow An Analogue Colour Scheme

Analogue Colour Scheme

Analogue colours are a group of three colours that appear next to each other on a colour wheel. An Analogue Colour Scheme is when these 3 colours are grouped together to form a lovely home painting inspiration. This is a popular scheme as there is no clash between the colours and the end result is guaranteed to look elegant. Also, since the analogue colours are grouped into warm tones or cool tones, the paint job typically ends up looking uniform and neat.   

A good example of 3 analogue colours that blend together perfectly is purple, red and orange. These colours when used together exude sophistication and grace.

Use Colourful Accessories And Furnishings

Home Painting Service

When it comes to refurbishing your house, think beyond hiring home painting services. Just buying the right decorations and fixtures can do the trick. Bedsheets, curtains, vases, wall clocks, table lamps, wall shelves, rugs, candle stands, oil burners, hooks and wall art, are just some of the hundreds of accessories and furnishings for your house which you can buy in fabulous colours.

When giving your home a colourful makeover, remember to connect the colours throughout your house. Otherwise, your home may end up looking smaller. Colour continuity is the key to creating a unified, spacious and harmonious look.  

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