We all want what’s best for our house. This also includes the paint that will cover it and everyone wants to know what’s in trend. Understanding colour trends is important as choosing the wrong colour might make your house look outdated.

This blog will give you a sneak peak into the trending color palette for 2023 and how you can stay on top of trends with home painting.


Trending Colours of The Year 2023 To Watch Out For – Berger Paints

Get inspired by the hottest paint colour trends for home walls in 2023. Berger paints design experts discuss the upcoming year’s anticipated exterior wall paint colour trends. Keeping abreast with colour trends can make many decisions simple for you. Such as choosing the right color combination for the walls or what are the general house painting color combinations.

The color of the year sets the trending color! This year many companies will announce what was their color of the year 2023 was while the experts weigh in on this opinion.


Top Paint Colour of The Year

As the year 2022 wraps up and 2023 is dawning on us, experts believe that the coming year will be dominated by neutral tones and cool shades along with some vibrant colors to add a dash of richness. Following a list of all prominent shades which will be the hottest deal in 2023 and make your house a fashion statement.

Magnificent Magenta (SCARLET TIDE – 1A2794)

Red containing subtle tones of purple are the primary characteristics of magenta. This colour adds a touch of vibrancy to the interior of the house. Its brilliant hues make any part of the house stand out and is most recommended for walls with prominent side.

Innovative Shades (CROWNED PRINCESS – 6A2376)

No one can resist a touch of elegance to their home. It makes the house look sophisticated and also gives it a calming touch. Along with that, if the house is designed according to each person’s taste, then it can add that personalisation factor to ensure that your corner speaks about your personality.

Bold Colors In Softer Shades (ENGLISH VERMILION – 1A0504)

Softer shades of bold colours are a daring choice. It has quite an impact on the house making it look lively but also with a calming effect. Such looks are expected to be quite the trend in the coming year, so add it to your bucket list now!

Enhanced Blush (VISION IN PINK – 1T0460)

The colour blush has a calming effect on us. And hence, this paint does just that. When one opts for loud and vibrant colours, adding a calming colour balances the over all vibe of the house. This why experts believe enhanced blush will be dominating the trends for wall paint colours in 2023.

Prominent Reds and Oranges

Prominent shades of reds and oranges are expected to make a fiery comeback in the year 2023. These shades add a warm tone to the house and if you are someone who enjoys sunsets and has that good spot to indulge in therapeutic sunset viewing experience, these shades are just the one for you.

Warm Neutrals (SAND DOLLAR BEACH – 7P1586)

Let us be honest here, neutral tones never go out of trend. These shades have an unmatched elegance which is hard to find anywhere else. Neutral tones are all set to be the preferred home colour for 2023 owing to their cool tones and a touch of elegance.

Starry Dark Blue (ENCHANTED EVENING – 5A0303)

Starry dark blue is all set to be the color of the year 2023 owing to its brilliant shades and charismatic hues. This colour adds richness to any room and does not back down from the spotlight even when the room is filled with most exquisite pieces. This shade is here to stay!

Neutral Brown (EASTERN BROWNSTONE – 8A1744)

While painting, everyone wants the perfect colour combination for walls. This is made easy with neutral brown shades. The perfect colour that almost never goes wrong. This is why it is all set to dominate the colour trends for the year 2023.

Raspberry Blush (FULL BLOOM – 1A1981)

If you are someone who wants subtlety and splash of colour then raspberry blush does the trick just right. It gives you many options to experiment while house painting and you can almost never go wrong with it. With many people now opting for wall painting at home, this contributes as a major factor why this shade will be talk of the town for the next year.

Vibrant Ivy (SPEARMINT DROP – 4D2157)

When picking out the house painting colour combinations you should never miss out on the new trend in town, vibrant ivy. This brilliant shade of teal will have you mesmerised with its brilliant hues adding a touch of mystery to any room.


While building your dream house, you do not want to compromise on quality. The same goes for painting your house. A trendy color palette and rich quality paint will have your house looking as good fresh and welcoming. Explore the color palette for living room, kitchen and bedroom wall painting.




  1. What is the color theme of 2023?

While a lot of colors are going to be trending in 2023 for different reasons, Viva Magenta is set to be the color              theme of 2023.


  1. What are the new interior colors for 2023?

2023 is all about bold, majestic and luxe colourways. Raspberry blush, black canvas, viva magenta is some of               the new interior shades for the year.


  1. What is the decorating trend for 2023?

You’re going to fall in love with the decorating trend for the coming new year – Modernist curves is sure to                     make an impression.


  1. Are accent walls in for 2023?

Accent walls continue to create a statement look, and are sure to make an entry in 2023 as well. Here to stay!

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