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“The Premium in Decor. The Ideal in Endurance”- with this belief, we came up with Powder Coatings in the year 1989 from our mother plant at Howrah, West Bengal. Now we are one of the leading & promising powder coatings manufacturers in Indian market. Our three manufacturing units – Howrah in West Bengal, Samba in Jammu and Jejuri (Pune) in Maharashtra are at three different geographical locations assisted by 100+ warehouses in India to cater our customers’ demand timely. At present, our overall production capacity is 9000 metric ton per annum. We have a significant presence in almost all segments relevant to powder coatings in India as well as abroad.

Our success is driven by “fastest product development, well equipped technical support & timely delivery.”

Technology and Innovation

Berger Paints with its rich background of Research & Development activities, always stays focused on latest technological development & nurturing of innovative ideas. Our Research and Development team always works on delivering new products and finishes that take care of anticipated customer needs. Our development work is poised to deliver technology in an environmentally friendly way.

Berger Paints R&D is well equipped with all types of latest testing instruments required for development application, and performance testing.

Our long years of research has enriched the powder coating product basket. Apart from regularly available products based on Pure Epoxy, Pure Polyester (Both TGIC & Non TGIC based), Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid & Poly-Urethane, specially attributed products like Antimicrobial coatings, Flame Resistance coating, Architectural grade super durable coatings, Low Bake coatings, Fast Cure coating, Coatings suitable for extreme conditions such as high level of Chemical & corrosion protection in single coat and dual coat are also appreciably established. Berger's specially formulated powder which can perform at Sub Zero temperature to the extent of -30 degree C for several months has become acceptable to many countries accelerating our exports. Differentiated products like Metallic finishes with Brilliant Metallic Lustre, Bright Candy Finishes and Powder Coating suitable for wood grain/sublimation technology have also been introduced over the years.

Our dedicated team of technical service persons backed by R&D provide on-time solutions to resolve customer line issues and recommend suitable products for new applications. R&D takes an active part in new product introduction and establishing new products at customer premises.

Our Brands

All Berger powder coating products are classified under four brands based on chemistries and applications. Those are as mentioned below.


Berger ‘ULTRACOAT’ offers two types of chemistries like Pure Epoxy and Epoxy- Polyester hybrid system, designed mainly for Interior use.* Both types of product will have excellent mechanical, chemical and corrosion properties. Varieties of shades, smooth, structure, texture and metallic finishes are available in existing baskets and on-demand, new products can be designed. This brand is suitable for many segments like- Furniture, Lighting fixtures, Electric Fans, Automotive accessories, Control Panels, Storage Solutions, Inverter, other general industrial items etc.

Individual Product’s Technical & Safety data sheet is available on request.

*Only two products 314818 and 314F20 are available in this brand having Pure Polyester (outdoor durable) chemistry.

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‘QUALICOAT’ brand is to cater the demand of OEM customers fully. Products under this brand are designed mainly for Interior use, as per customer specific requirements. There are two types of chemistries i.e., Pure Epoxy and Epoxy- Polyester hybrid under this brand. Varieties of shades, finishes like smooth, structure, texture and metallic are designed and running successfully. Qualicoat brand is suitable for White Goods, Electric Fans, Storage Solution, Elevators etc.

Individual Product’s Technical & Safety data sheet is available on request.

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Two types of chemistries like Pure Polyester and Polyurethane are considered under the ‘PERMACOAT’ brand. The designed products are having excellent outdoor durability, mechanical properties, chemical resistance (especially Polyurethane products). Varieties of shades, finishes like smooth, structure, texture and metallic are designed and are running successfully at line. Permacoat products are suitable for Architectural segment (non-warranty), Automotive Accessories, Alloy Wheels, Dish Antenna, Agricultural & Construction Equipment, Generator, Control Panels etc.

Individual Product’s Technical & Safety data sheet is available on request.

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Aesthetics as well as protection are the key features of modern construction. These aspects are built in the Berger’s ‘DURABERG’ range of powder coatings. To extend the support in the growing sustainable architectural market globally, Berger Paints has come up with the new ranges of Durable & Super Durable Polyester Powder Coatings. All RAL shades & its finishes which are mainly used in the Architectural segment are readily available with us. Also, all types of customised products with required finishes like Glossy, Semi-Glossy, Matt, Texture and Metallic can be developed as per demand.

Berger offers two series of products in Duraberg, i.e. D5000 Series and SD10000 Series are having warranties for 5 years and 10 years respectively. *

Individual Product’s Technical & Safety data sheet is available on request.

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Antimicrobial Powder Coatings

Antimicrobial powder coatings are designed perfectly for extreme protection of Microbial attack on the coated surfaces & Berger is dealing with several products having Antimicrobial activities for the last 10 years. This Antimicrobial powder not only protects the equipment from microbial growth but also does not allow microbes to propagate further to adjacent areas as well. This technological breakthrough is applied mainly on components which frequently come in human contact to protect against infections and diseases. This coating provides an extra barrier to the spread of harmful bacteria, microbes in sensitive environments such as Hospital and Healthcare Facilities, Medical Equipment, Food and Drink Processing, and Childcare Accessories and many more.

Antimicrobial property is tested as per test protocol JIS Z 2801 : 2012 & certified by world’s acclaimed laboratory based in the United Kingdom as well as laboratory accredited by NABL in India.

This Speciality Powder can be made available in all our four brands with all the possible finishes.

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